New Moon in Aries: Take up your Quest!

This New Moon is Aries is all about beginnings.  Full of enthusiasm, Aries is an initiator energy, it marks the opening of a cycle.   It is the pursuit of the quest. Specifically,  the quest to take our rightful place within the world. 

The New Moon is Aries is a seeding moon.   Full of promise, containing life force that has not yet been fully birthed. So, to most fully harness the energy of this New Moon,  the question at hand  (notice that the word quest is the root of the word question)  is what do you want to seed in the upcoming months?  

Where you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to put your energy and attention shapes your life.  It is a powerful force that we all to readily forget or get distracted from in what can feel like the unrelenting pace of the daily details and tasks of life. 

The planet Mars rules the sign of Aries, directing us to connect to our passions, to go out and actively hunting for what we desire.  Nike’s tag line persistently is arising in my consciousness as I write this: Just do it!  It’s perfect.  Where we have Aries in our individual charts we are in essence being asked to just do it, take the quest, fight for what is ours. To take our rightful place in the world.  

Consider this New Moon a portal of new beginnings. An invitation to be born anew.  Whether it is a long cherished dream or some newly arisen inspiration, use this this energy to kick start a journey down a new path.  Baptism by fire. The fire of imagination and possibility. 

Then remember showing up consistently with your attention is a devotional act.  And if anything in your life deserves such fealty, the same allegiance that the Knights Templar exhibited in their quest for the Holy Grail, it is what you seed during this New Moon.

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