Connected With The New Moon in Pisces: Wednesday, March 2

As we approach the Vernal Equinox on March 21, an annual time of new beginnings, today’s potent and enchanting New Moon in Pisces gives us a very special opportunity to gather our focus and consciously set some powerful intentions for the next six months that can be carried forward through the energy of the Equinox.  In particular, I see this month’s New Moon as an invitation to look within and open our hearts to our soul’s desires - whether they seem pragmatic or not in our day to day life. 

Romantic and magical, where Pisces lies within our individual charts we long to be connected and belong. Though we often view this through the lens of the outer world, at its core belonging is an inside job.   Its siren song metaphorically sings to us the epic tale of how we can belong to profoundly to ourselves, our wild inner nature, and thus truly experience our place in the world at the deepest  levels if we will only listen.  One of the most profound lessons of  Pisces is to surrender, to let go and trust. In other words, I reiterate, let’s use this invitation to look deeply within, dance with our truest dreams and desires before we take action in the outer world.  

One of the most magical things about this particular New Moon is that both Jupiter and Neptune will also be aligned with the Sun and Moon in Pisces.  This is key because Jupiter is symbolic of our developing consciousness exemplifying the principle of expansion.  He speeds things up and is often considered to be lucky…though I must note that he is not particularly discriminating, he just likes to amplify things.  Think of him as the gas pedal in your car. He likes to go fast.  Neptune, modern ruler of the sign Pisces,  was the God of the Ocean, symbolic of the collective unconscious and teaches us that we are all connected.  He is the principle of higher love, unconditional love, and grace; to dance with Neptune is to know that everything is connected and that anything else is mere illusion.  

Most importantly everything includes us, we are connected.  To each other, to our dreams, and how we move through the world, both implicitly and explicitly is felt by everyone.  In physics, this is the core of Chaos Theory…the infamous Butterly effect which states that when a butterfly moves it wings over Japan it is felt in the air currents in the United States.  To paraphrase Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love,  our playing small doesn’t serve the world. 

If we have Neptune heavily emphasized in our chart as we evolve we learn through our experiences that we must move beyond our desires and connect with whatever path our soul has chosen.  We sacrifice (aka make sacred) the lesser for the greater knowing that we will be rewarded with a level of understanding that our personality-driven selves could not have known about.  We begin to understand that all of our previous deprivations had to do with getting these lesser desires out of the way, so that we could be initiated into the deeper and higher levels of love and connection.  And at that level, we begin to realize something very important.  That love isn’t an emotion, or an experience, or a state of being.  Love is a power.  A connecting power.  It’s the ultimate creative force.

Think about it.  Whatever we pay attention to in our lives, whatever we care about, grows in our consciousness.  What our consciousness registers gets fed back to us in our lives.  That is the power of this New Moon.  Amplified with Jupiter’s presence. 

Nothing would be accomplished, nothing created, if it weren’t for love.  To create something, we must first envision it, and the visionary principle belongs to Neptune and its connecting power.  We must love our dreams, our inner vision,  into being. 

I am including a link here for the free downloadable Pisces New Moon Meditation from last year to help you  ground and source your deepest desires whilst capturing the energy of Jupiter’s alignment to amplify your vision. 

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