New Moon in Virgo: This Magic Moment (Virgo's Superpower)

On Monday, September 6th, at 5:52 PM,  PDT we enter a New Moon in Virgo. 

I have a small secret to share with you:  I restarted this post at least five times.  Finally it occurred to me (after much procrastination spent both taking a walk to clear my head and watching cute YouTube videos) that this action itself was the epitome of one of Virgo’s shadow behaviors better known as over analysis.  There is just so much to say and I simply wanted to get it right and be of service.  But in order to do that I had to shift to the power of Virgo to adjust, to filter and sort and declutter my thoughts.  In other words, I needed to shift my perception.

A much maligned and misunderstood sign, sometimes even by its own members, Virgo at its core is about magic.   Associated with the Magician card in the Tarot, the Virgo archetype carries the urge for the development of mastery, bringing things into being, in essence making them real. Because at its best Virgo doesn’t just think about things, it envisions and creates them.  It does the necessary work.  

The trick is not to get caught up trying to rearrange the outer environment as a defense mechanism to ward off chaos. That’s where Virgo can fall off track. (And we all have Virgo somewhere within our chart) It unwittingly tries to control its overwhelming feelings of internal pandemonium by “organizing” (i.e. controlling) the world around them. 

“Problems” are the soul’s way of getting our attention. 

To align with the power  of  Virgo  we have to go within.  In essence, we have to  contemplate our “mess.” We have to be with it, not try to fix it or change it, simply be with it. To behold it as it is, nothing more and nothing less.  

We are called upon to slow our frenetic pace and  be in the moment.  To trust the moment. And out of that trust and acceptance a shift in perception arises. 

Which is basically how The Course in Miracles defines a miracle. 

My counseling clients and students are too familiar with one of my favorite Carl Jung  quotes “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside of you dressed as fate.”  

Our experience of the world is our mirror. It reflects back to us our deepest inner state of consciousness.  The things we can’t see on our own for whatever reason.   When we lovingly witness ourselves, when we look within with self compassion, we become receptive to our true nature. And from this place we experience grace. We embody the grace of the moment and our perception shifts. 

When we shift our awareness doorways open, opportunities appear, synchronicities and miracles happen. As Wayne Dyer said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

And that is the energy of this Virgo New Moon.  Its potential is the energy to take the power of the cosmos and distill it down into form. 

But we need to do the necessary work.  We need to separate the chaff from the grain.  We need to go within, be still and listen, and breathe in the power of the present moment.   

So as you set your intentions fo this particular New Moon take the time to center yourself.  Spend a few minutes in meditation contemplating an area in your life where you have felt somehow stuck. Allow yourself to  be with its fixity, don’t try to shift it, push it, shape it or control it in any manner. Just embrace it, breathe in and wait for the miracle.

Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon is illuminating your your 6th house providing  perfect time to begin any new health regime, daily habits or attend to small details that support your dreams being actually brought into existence.  This area of the chart also represents your work life so if you have goals in this arena now is the time to set an intention around them. If you are looking for the perfect job the energy is particularly supportive or if you are self employed new business opportunities will arise. Remember a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls into your 5th house of creativity, children, pleasure, romance and risk taking. What new ways do you dream of expressing yourself?  Where have you been holding yourself back?  Allow yourself the space to play and be in the moment. Rediscover  and revel in your creativity.  To nourish this energy consciously create the ambiance of romance within your environment, light a few candles, get some fresh flowers, listen to music that inspires inviting joy into your world. 

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Virgo New Moon presents the perfect opportunity to focus your attention and realign. Illuminating your 4th house of home and family it is the perfect time to either put renovations into motion or find your dream home.  What would nourish your sense of belonging? What would give you a sense of security?  Earth signs are about making things real, bringing them into being so your  intentions are particularly powerful right now. Work at creating a foundation, at the very least an inner sanctuary, that supports your day to day life in the months ahead. 

Cancer and Cancer Rising

The Virgo New Moon presents the perfect opportunity to focus your attention, aim your intentions and make any needed adjustments on your current path.  This moon falls into your 3rd house which rules your neighbors, siblings and short journeys. Writing projects, contract negotiation and all forms of communication are all favored.  This is a great time to either start a podcast or focus on social media contacts sharing your ideas with those around you. Where have you longed to use your voice? 

Leo and Leo Rising

The Virgo New Moon presents the perfect opportunity to focus your attention on what you would like to put in order over the next six months and make any needed adjustments. Falling into your 2nd house of possessions, earned income and self worth it is time to reassess your priorities and filter out what is no longer necessary within your life. This way you can consciously make any much needed shifts over the months ahead. It may have felt like there is more going out than coming in recently but this should shift shortly.  How can you grow your assets?

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Moon is all about you!  Focus your attention, take stock and ask yourself  what you would like to put in order over the next six months? It’s falling in your sign thus your intentions are particularly powerful right now. What do you truly want to bring into being?   What is no longer necessary within your life? This is a time of rebooting and restarting.  No detail is too small.  What dreams can you boldly work towards manifesting?  Use your inner compass to chart your path.

Libra and Libra Rising 

This New Moon is illuminating your 12th house of inner reflection asking you to withdraw a bit from the hustle of everyday life to think, dream cute and plan.   Make sure to take the time to meditate or journal going within to access the power of your soul.  Earth signs are about making things real, bringing them into being, so your intentions are particularly powerful right now. Use the energy of this New Moon to balance and realign yourself then you can make a more conscious commitment to the path ahead.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

As we are moving into a powerfully supported New Moon in Virgo overnight, today presents the perfect opportunity to focus your attention on making your deepest dreams and goals a reality.  Falling into your 11th house this New Moon is illuminating all kinds of reinforcement for your goals potentially bringing in new allies. Unexpected support is truly all around you but you have to be vulnerable and open your heart to it. The thing to keep it is mind is that nobody truly ever achieves anything alone.  How can you create a team of trusted individuals who support you and help you go after your dreams? You are unstoppable when you use your laser life focus. 

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

All of your ambitions that have been rumbling below the surface grab the spotlight during this powerfully supported New Moon in Virgo. Falling in your 10th house of career and supported by the Sun and Mars use this powerful energy to ignite the fire in your belly! Harness the energy of this New Moon by filtering out unnecessary distractions, clearly focusing your attention and moving with zeal on making those dreams real. Where you would like to invest your time and energy over the next six months?   It’s time to pay attention to the details and target your intentions.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This is a particular juicy for New Moon for you!  In a friendly earth sign and moving in partnership with the both the Sun and Mars it illuminates your 9th house of travel, publishing and higher education.  What new horizon either literal or metaphoric are you being pulled towards? What plans can you create to nourish your inspiration?  If you feel like like getting away for a bit now is the time because your career is heating up shortly.  

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

We are moving into a powerfully supported New Moon in Virgo overnight, so today presents the perfect opportunity to focus your attention on what you would like to put in order over the next six months.  Illuminating your 8th house, which rules joint finances, deep intimacy, death and rebirth, this New Moon is in essence asking you to surrender something that has outlived its usefulness, to de-clutter your psyche and make room for the new. To consciously use this profound energy ask yourself the following questions; Where are you investing your time?  What have you been holding onto that needs to be released?  

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Virgo is associated with the Magician card in the tarot, the epitome of as above to below, the person who creates things seemingly out of thin air. Your 7th house of partnership and projection is being illuminated and this suggests that bringing conscious awareness to your relationships, including the all important one with yourself, should be your locus.  This is a friendly New Moon so if you have been looking for support know that new alliances and possibilities for collaboration are in the wings waiting for the perfect moment to appear. Let go and trust the universe.

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