New Moon In Leo: Seeing The Light

About 20 years ago I was standing at the back of the room in a seminar when one of the leaders shared how he had proposed to his wife. He shared that he promised to never “know” her but rather to continuously discover her in each moment.  From the position of my little romanic heart this was breathtaking. Imagine being so loved. 

But it also deeply resonated on a personal level. I wondered how often do we believe know someone or something and have thus became somewhat numb to their aliveness, their ever changing nature? I recognized that I certainly had unconsciously done this to others. Even more horrifyingly I had done this to myself; I had become very identified with one small aspect, one version of my life. How often do we lose a felt sense of ourselves in the present moment and remain stuck in a past story about ourselves? 

Like the Moon our experience of life is constantly changing. We are in a perpetual state of becoming. Yet we often have several very knowing opinions/beliefs about ourselves that we in essence marinate in daily while they remain invisible to our conscious awareness. We have frozen some aspect of ourselves in time and constructed an identity from it. We actually begin to trust this identity, that we have usually been rewarded for, more profoundly than our instinctive voice. We are no longer present and thus unable to really see or hear ourselves.  

What does this have to do with the New Moon in Leo? This Moon holds the warmth of the Sun which rules the sign Leo. Think about it, the Sun quite literally glows from within. It radiates. Leo is about love and coming from the heart, about being seen and appreciated. Wherever Leo falls within our chart that part of our psyche longs to be seen, to be acknowledged. And very often we become so habitual inner perspective of our daily lives and to ourselves that we cease to marvel at how we are becoming. We instead trust what we “know.”

We, our lives, are always in a process of unfolding. I like to think of it as blooming over the course of a lifetime.  

Most often moment to moment we remain oblivious to that process, oblivious to the miracle that we all are constantly unfolding. By being caught up in an identity that we know, we have in essence invisibilized ourselves to ourselves. Conditioned not to hear ourselves or at the very least discount the parts of ourselves that from our perspective don’t make sense in the logical world, we slog through our day to day existence while a not so gentle sense of frustration constantly hums in the background. We have become attached to our knowing and life will inevitably serve up to us the very event we need to regain our lapsed attention. We usually refer to this as a crisis. 

Our inner selves respond to and speak a symbolic language.  The language of art, the language of dreams. Symbolic language invites us to dwell in the realm of our imagination.  

With a New Moon in Leo we are in essence being asked to turn our attention to our inner symbolic Sun. Again, the Sun glows from within and is so powerful all of the other bodies orbit within its gravity. It literally draws us in. There is no avoiding its light and its light gives us life.  

So with this Leo Moon take a moment to ask yourself where have you stopped discovering yourself? Where have you allowed yourself to stop beholding the miracle that you are? That we all are? Where are you not seeing the light? Leo and the Sun rule our heart in medical astrology. When you set an intention at this New Moon take the time to really settle into your heart beyond logic and listen to its whispers. Consciously let its gravitation pull you in.  

Light a candle and make a wish for something completely and utterly nonsensical, something that absolutely makes your heart sing and align yourself with its song. And then be prepared to delight in what you discover as life unfolds in the upcoming year until our next New Moon in Leo in summer 2022.

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