Welcoming the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, Mercury Cazimi!

Early Thursday morning, 3:53 AM in Sedona, a Solar Ring of Fire eclipse takes place in the effervescent sign of Gemini and to top that off less than ten hours later Mercury is retrograde Cazimi - at the heart of the Sun.  This New Moon eclipse in dual natured Gemini, a sign with Mercury as its ruler, indicates a portal is being opened.  An invitation to cross a new threshold in your life is being extended.  It’s up to you to accept it. 

When a planet is Cazimi it is considered to be one of the highest forms of luck.  It is metaphorically being held in the arms of the Sun and thus is elevated for a brief period.  At the interior conjunction, which happens when Mercury is retrograde, Mercury is said to be in the underworld where it can bring us insights from our shadows and sheds light on areas that have otherwise laid hidden for the purpose of starting something new.

Most of you are aware of Mercury being associated with communication…which is why Mercury retrograde is infamous for miscommunications.  Lots of them.   And we often forget that the key to powerful communication, communing with another, lies in its dual nature: Both talking and listening.  We often excel at the first, half speaking our truth, but are less than attentive to the second half.  

In the hectic pace of life we can and do this unintentionally, habitually,  tuning out the very people who are near and dear to us.  And in turn they often do the same  to us.  Nothing will set us off more quickly than the experience of not being heard.  And the three archetypes involved in this eclipse the Sun, The Moon and Mercury in turn experience this as not being seen, the Sun, not being felt, the Moon and not being heard, Mercury.  In effect this usually feels like  the experience of being invisiblized. 

Yet consider how often do we do this to ourselves?  How often do we not heed what our heart is telling us?  How often do we not create a sense of belonging within ourselves? Or ignore our dreams?  In other words, how often do we discount ourselves?

Listening is receptive.  It requires being open and vulnerable.

In The Listening Book W.A. Mathieu muses “Listening into the distance is like looking into the horizon.”   This eclipse is asking you to listen.  Deeply.  To profoundly heed what the center of your heart whispers. To not dismiss what it is telling you as crazy or impossible. 

Four days after this eclipse on June 14th the second square of Saturn Uranus takes place.  Many astrologers view this as the inner battle between change and status quo.  The collision between old worlds and new.  No matter where this falls within your chart a door is being opened.  Something is being born.  Your job is to nourish it into existence. 

                                                      Ritual for the Eclipse, Saturn/Uranus Square
The first Saturn Uranus Square took place in February, this is the second and the third one takes place in December. 
Light a candle then sit down and center yourself by taking a few deep breaths.  Actively work to release any tension held within your body.  Close your eyes and for a few minutes go within and actively ask your heart, your soul; what would it most like to create over the next six months?   What would it find most nourishing?  Open your eyes and write down three wishes.  Even if they seem impossible.  Listen deeply and let your heart truly be your guide. Fold the paper you wrote your wishes upon and bury in the ground.  (Even a potted plant will do)
When we create a ritual we are in essence petitioning the Gods.  So over the next six months your job is to do your part and the let the Gods do theirs.  This is a spiritual practice, with an emphasis on the word practice.  Each day practice taking one small action in the direction of your hearts desire…even if it is simply holding it within your awareness as you move throughout the day allowing this awareness, this energy to inform your response to the world around you. 

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