Taking a Chance on Your Soul’s Wisdom

Between now and the end of July there is a lot of activity brewing in the archetypal sky.  As I write this Jupiter has ingressed into Pisces, a sign which he rules and is therefore in a strong position, on May 13.  On the 14th we began the shadow of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (the sign Mercury rules from May 29-June 22)and then on May 26th there is a lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. 

Both individually and collectively we are symbolically hitting a crossroads within 2021. 

What does this mean? And more importantly, how can we use it?

One powerful way of viewing it is through the lens the Mutable cross.

There are three modalities that form a cross within astrology, I like to think of them as three modes of being that run like rivers throughout our lives.  Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.  Each of them is sharing a meaningful story about our spiritual self-development. Together they symbolically traverse the three main paths of spiritual discovery. 

At its essence the mutable story tells us how information (Gemini) becomes knowledge (Virgo), becomes wisdom (Sagittarius), becomes universal principle (Pisces).  

Gemini is about pure discovery and information.  Virgo requires that we make sense of that information and make it useful as knowledge, craft and skill.  Sagittarius asks that we take our new found knowledge and place it in a wider context where it becomes wisdom. In Pisces, that wisdom is disseminated throughout the cosmos, becoming at one with the cosmos.  It demonstrates how we are all connected, that everything is connected.

Mercury rules the first two stages through Gemini and Virgo.

Wisdom and universal truth are the second two stages: both belong to Jupiter.   

One of the first things we learn when we begin learning astrology is the serendipity of Jupiter.  Wherever Jupiter falls in a chart is lucky, the books tell us.  Jupiter is the planet of adventure and good feelings.  The planet of the blessing and happenstance.

His two astrological ‘jobs,’ so to speak, are not arbitrary, they’re related.  Before Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces was discovered, Jupiter was the planet that represented the boundary-crashing existence, the ultimate seeker. Jupiter also represented the way we go too far, sailing over the edge of reason into the unknown. 

Jupiter wearing his Piscean mask is the king of letting go.  In his role as co-ruler of Pisces, Jupiter assists with transition between endings and beginnings.  Before we allow something into our lives, something has to be cleared out, space has to be made for it.  Then we take our leap of faith. 

The key here is what our personality, our conditioned self, thinks is lucky and what our soul thinks is lucky aren’t always the same thing and the needs/wisdom of the soul always wins.  Always.  
So from my perspective these three events are connected and point to the need to make space for something new over the course of the next few months.  It’s time to clear some space.

Mercury retrograde is always a fabulous time to clean out closets - both literally and metaphorically.  It is a very yin energy. A time to go within…which is why so many things seem to go haywire in the outer world.    As I said earlier, Jupiter in Pisces is the king of letting go.  

Lunar eclipses have a reputation for “eclipsing something out of our life” no matter what sign they fall within.  The eclipse in Sagittarius urges us to take that leap of faith that Sag is so very famous for, to leap forward into the unknown over the next  few months by letting go of what is unnecessary to our existence (Virgo…even though he is not officially included represents a crucial step. Virgo digests knowledge so Sagittarius can assimilate wisdom) 

Either we leap forward into the unknown, or we fall back into safety. Isn’t this the essence of life?   It’s an ongoing dilemma: either we summon up our experience and our courage and take a leap of faith into the nothingness, trusting our own wisdom, which in essence is the voice of our soul speaking to us, or we deny ourselves the chance for rebirth. 

My wish for you is that you bet on yourself and take the leap.  The time is ripe.  

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