Mars and the Path of Initiation: What is worth fighting for?

Lately I have found myself in deep contemplation about the role of Mars in the natal chart.   Representing our inner warrior, Mars both by sign and house placement points us in the direction of where we are developing courage in this lifetime. 

Symbolically, Mars  always reminds me of the search for the Holy Grail.  What truly is worth fighting for? What battles should we simply walk away from?  This is the essence of true quest.  

The key lies in both knowing what is truly valuable to us and then having the courage to align (make an inner alliance) with those values.  For example, if your Mars is in the sign of Cancer it is developing the courage to let your heart speak and be vulnerable.  Mars in Virgo’s soul needs to find some sort of work that matters, that makes a difference and to pursue that even though it might seem fool hardy to others.

A healthy, aware Mars knows where to expend its energy and passion vs picking needless outside battles simply as a way to deal with its own sense of divine discontent. 

So honesty ask yourself where does it feel authentically important to be fierce in your life?  

Even if you don’t personally know where your Mars is I am willing to bet that the answers that surface are reflected within your natal chart.  Recently in one of my classes students were assigned a collage of their Moons.   What was truly extraordinary to all of us was that the resulting pieces not only displayed their Moons but their entire charts.  And this is an entry level class, most of them know very little about astrology at this point. 

Your Natal chart is a map.  A soul map, an Alchemical Compass.  Your life is the territory.  One of the breathtakingly beautiful things to me is that they always reflect each other.  

When we bring conscious awareness to our journey life can be perceived as an experience of endless miracles. Even the challenging parts. Developing our Mars, our inner warrior is worth the work. 

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