New Moon in Pisces Accessing Love As a Power

As we approach the Vernal Equinox on March 21, an annual time of new beginnings, March 13th’s potent and enchanting New Moon in Pisces gives us a very special opportunity to consciously set intentions for the next six months that can be carried forward through the energy of the Equinox. 

Romantic and magical, Pisces is connected to the unconscious - both individually and collectively.  Where Pisces lies within our chart we long to be connected and belong. Though we often view this through the lens of the outer world at its core belonging is an inside job.   Its siren song metaphorically sings to us the epic tale of how we can belong to profoundly to ourselves, our wild inner nature, and thus truly experience our place in the world at the deepest  levels if we will only listen.  In other words, from my perspective the New Moon is an invitation to look deeply within, dance with our truest dreams and desires before we take action in the outer world at the Vernal Equinox on March 21st.  

One of the most magical things about this particular New Moon is that both Neptune and Venus will also be tightly aligned with the Sun and moon in Pisces.  This is key because Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus.  Venus is an archetype of personal love and desire.  She is all about what is truly important to us.  What matters to us at our core: our values.   Neptune on the other hand is divine, unconditional love.  Neptune rules the collective unconscious and knows that we are all connected.  Metaphorically, Venus would be the drop and Neptune the Ocean itself.  The key to the path of the heart from an astrological perspective lies in relationship between these two archetypes.  

If we have Neptune heavily emphasized in our chart as we evolve we learn through our experiences that we must move beyond our desires and connect with whatever path our soul has chosen.  We sacrifice (aka make sacred) the lesser for the greater knowing that we will be rewarded with a level of understanding that our ego-driven selves could not have known about.  We begin to understand that all of our previous deprivations had to do with getting these lesser desires out of the way, so that we could be initiated into the deeper and higher levels of love.  And at that level, we begin to realize something very important.  That love isn’t an emotion, or an experience, or a state of being.  Love is a power.  A connecting power.  It’s the ultimate creative force.

Think about it.  Whatever we pay attention to in our lives, whatever we care about, grows in our consciousness.  What our consciousness registers gets fed back to us in our lives.  That is the power of this New Moon.    To look within and open our hearts to our soul’s desires - whether they seem pragmatic or not in our day to day life. 

Nothing would be accomplished, nothing created, if it weren’t for love.  To create something, we must first envision it, and the visionary principle belongs to Neptune and its connecting power. What we do with it afterwards belongs not to Neptune, but to Venus and both are being activated at this New Moon.

One note to all signs - New Moons often initiate things that move into full bloom when the moon hits the opposing point six month later.  I invite you to envision this New Moon as a seed that is beginning to sprout - even though you will most likely see shifts right away, it is only the beginning.


This falls into your solar 12th house often considered to be a place of rest, of going within.  As much as you might be chomping at the bit after 2020 until the 21st the universe is asking you to wait and rest.  It’s possible you will find yourself working on something behind the scenes (writing a book for example). It is great time to reflect, to do research, to plan and then wait to launch anything until the Vernal Equinox on March 21st.  Ultimately the 12th house echoes this moon’s overall theme of connecting to something larger than ourselves, connecting to the divine.  Pay attention to your dreams - both at night and even your daydreams will speak volumes to you right now if you are willing to listen.  


This falls into your solar 11th house where we are connected to tribe, to community, to expressing ourselves through joining with others who have mutual values, beliefs and ideals.   In the 11th, we conceive of a perfect world and try to wake others up to our visions.  It’s the house of the outcast and the rebel, the freethinker, the humanitarian.  Where we build things with others.  The 11th also rules goals, so what you’ve long envisioned in your heart can now materialize if you work towards it, particularly if you align with others around you. Moons are about feelings, embodiment not intellectualization. Get clear within about your values, your heart and then actively imagine how it would feel to be embraced as a valued member.  From this place find your people - even if you need to do this in a socially distanced way. 


This beguiling New Moon ushers in breakthroughs in the arena of how you are seen in the world as your tenth house is beautifully illuminated!  The 10th house is the high noon in the chart, where we are most visible.  New moons often open doors of opportunity, and this enchanting line up of planets is like a series of fireworks in this house of career and visibility. Whether you own your own business or work for others good fortune is shining upon you!  In the sign of Pisces it is urging you to use your creativity and imagination to lead you forward like a guiding star.  It is a breakthrough time so give this area of your life your attention and it will flow back to you in a breath taking manner.  And even more exciting is that it is justa preview of even more opportunity in 2022!

This New Moon falls into your solar 9th house inviting you to explore new horizons, to fully engage in what holds deep meaning for you. The 9th house is connected to our  beliefs and this lunation’s friendly moonbeams are calling on you to take a leap of faith and step into the world that is beckoning - whether through travel, education or simply sharing something of yourself/beliefs with the world. If you are interested in publishing a book or creating podcast now is the time to set it in motion.  If you are considering launching a new product, set your intention on the 13th and then launch the marketing campaign on or after the 21st.  This is a house of sowing seeds and then taking the leap into the great unknown so that you can create something new. 

The New Moon in Pisces, will appear in your 8th house of personal intimacy, of inheritance, of what we share with others.  It also rules other people’s money and potentially this lovely New Moon will quite literally bring new flow into your life. From commissions,  royalties,  bonuses, and even money that has long been owed to you.  From here on 2021 and into 2022 could bring big gains.  On a more personal level, it is deep psychologically-directed house, where our most intimate vulnerabilities are exposed, or it can be primarily about how we use our resources. Ruling both life and death, it is about our ability to burn to the core of our known selves and come back to ourselves renewed.  Here we are focused on what we hold onto beyond it’s lifespan and what we need to let go of in order to boldly step into the future.  


This poetic New Moon falls into your solar 7th house is potentially very, vey romantic for you!  The 7th house can represent everyone out there who is close to us and with whom we have to deal on a day to day basis (outside of close relations and family, who are covered by other houses). It is the house of committed relationships and promises,  so this could represent anything from  marriage proposal to signing a contract with your dream client.   Over the next six months close relationships will take on greater importance and many powerful alliances can be created but it will be a learning process.  On a certain level this is the house that might be best characterized by Jung’s statement “What we don’t integrate on the inside shows up on the outside dressed as fate.”  What desires are your relationships reflecting back to you?  


The area of your solar chart being highlighted is your 6th house which is connected with work, health, daily habits and pets. An earth house,  at its core it is about taking our inner world and doing the work of making it real. Th good news is if you‘ve been out of work you will most likely find yourself in great demand. If you are employed you might be given a raise or finally achieve the recognition you’ve been craving for the quality of the work you do.  Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and take risks over the next six months. The other aspects of your life that are being highlighted are your daily habits.   The 6th house is an arena of discrimination, choice, separating the chaff from the grain. You are being asked to make a choice about  what is truly nourishing to you and then to set up a daily routine around it.   Strength comes from working out our priorities and then working on them. You are being supported in moving on from habits that no longer serve your life.


Romance is in the air! This New Moon and its simply gorgeous array of accompanying planets is lighting up your 5th house of love, romance, children and creativity. Whether your are already in a relationship or not it’s time to put your personal life on the front burner.  The sweetness of this New Moon is singing personally to you and asking you to be open to creating a much richer personal life as at its core the 5th house is the house of true love.  Your imagination is running high, and it is time is to refine  the ability to take up space and receive love. Here you are being asked to take an unabashed risk on yourself.  To let yourself be the beloved, to have fun, to play, to create.    To enjoy yourself and others and to share yourself and let them enjoy you.  In this arena you are being asked to take center stage.   The universe is personally sending you an invitation to step into into the art of play.


This alignment is lighting up your 4th house which  represents where we live both literally and metaphorically, including our family of origin.   Your home is going to be a major focus.  Your foundation and sense of security are going to be shifting. Where do you wish to dwell?  Do you feel welcomed in your own life?  In essence you are being asked to move, to change and you are being supported in the process with the energy of this beguiling New Moon. This might be literal, it might be metaphoric.  How have you been rooted in a “home” that no longer fits?  Over the next six months you might find yourself buying a new home, or renovating.  Essentially, you are recreating where you dwell and being asked to be hospitable to the new. 


This imaginative New Moon is lighting up your 3rd house.  On a surface level this is the arena of communication, writing, short trips, your neighborhood and all of these activities might be highlighted.  2021 should financially be a good year for you and it looks like over the next six months loads of opportunities should come across your desk. And you might also receive some     important news or a dazzling new opportunity.   It is a great time to launch any writing projects.  On a deeper level, the 3rd house contains the seeds of our inner background noise, the attitudes and beliefs that are just there and we take for granted.  You are being invited to bring unconscious beliefs that have been essentially holding you back to the forefront and release them so that there is space for something new.   Journaling/morning pages can be a great tool in this endeavor..   


Show me the money!  This new moon, will light your second house of earned income. If you are looking for a job employment opportunities should arrive shortly after this New Moon. If you already working, you may get an offer for a promotion, or your performance review may go so well that your boss will give you a raise or  attract a bevy of  new clients.  The 2nd house also is connected to your sense of self worth and the power of this Pisces New Moon is lighting the pathway towards your dreams. Consider this a preview of what 2022 holds for you as Jupiter moves into Pisces!


This Pisces new moon is particularly magical for natives of this sign with Venus and Neptune in alignment landing in your first house of personality, vitality, and personal desires.  But to truly harness its powerful energy you must get clear with your intentions. Journal, meditate, connect with your heart.  Be profoundly honest with yourself, what would you truly love to create?  Then set both your intention and give your attention  to your heart’s desires and watch what unfolds in the upcoming months and on into 2022.

For all of us 2021 is a time of initiation, an opportunity to create a new sense of value, meaning and purpose within our individual lives.  When we consciously harness this time, this energy we help the trajectory not only of our own lives but the lives of those around us and the planet. I invite you to join me on the 13th at 7pm Sedona time via Zoom for a guided meditation and intention setting process that I offer as a gift to all.  To participate in please reach out to me directly at and I will personally send you the zoom link. 

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