Aquarius New Moon: Were Do you Wish to Dwell?

Last month on January 24th I celebrated my 60th birthday.  As an astrologer, I prepared for it on a certain level by gazing upon my solar return chart.  This chart is drawn up for the exact time, along with the longitude and latitude of your current locale,  that the sun mathematically returns to its origins each year.  Basically it will display the themes underlying the year ahead.

The most important item of any Solar return chart is the house in which the Sun lies. It displays the arena of life that will be essentially lit up by the Sun’s Rays over the coming year.  Where the light of your attention must fall.  In my case in 2021 that’s the 4th house.  The 4th house literally rules the home, the family, your origins, your sense of belonging, your sense of having a firm foundation, the root of your consciousness,  and your mother and or father depending upon your chart.  In fact there is actually a party happening here in my chart with a total of five guests.  In other words, there is a huge blinking arrow shouting look here in 2021!

Thus I have been contemplating.  I have actually been contemplating my solar return chart since about September, to be honest, as my life was full of it’s 4th house themes long before my birthday officially arrived.  I wanted to be able to be acting with a conscious alliance in response to all of the archetypes represented.  Those of you who know me more personally are aware that I have been caring for my elderly mother full time for the past four years. It has been a bittersweet time.  Powerful.  Sacred.  At some points overwhelming. I have been profoundly opened by the experience. Who am I now because of living this and how do I articulate this to the outer world?   How do I move through the world as a result? Some of you who are close friends know that at times over the past several years I have asked myself if it might be time to move from Sedona to explore a different horizon.  Did I even want to stay in the same house I have been living in?  

All of these questions and more have been a personally litany for a while so I actually found my solar return chart ironic, funny and well profound…

The 4th house is also connected with the moon within the astrological alphabet.  And today’s New Moon in Aquarius seemed the perfect time to invite you to partake of the core question I have been asking myself in response to my solar return chart:  Where do you wish to dwell?

We dwell so many places within our lives.  Many of them without any conscious awareness of how or why we are spending so much time there. Or often that we are spending so much time there.  Ultimately we are yearning, consciously or unconsciously, for connection, for belonging.  

And to be clear, I am speaking both literally and metaphorically.   I think of the periods I‘ve spent castigating myself for not living up to my ideal.   I wanted to have this blog done weeks ago, but it was still being born and as we all know, things come into this world in their own time, on their own agenda not ours.   

Today’s New Moon is  special, there are six planets total in the sign of Aquarius, which last happened in 1962.  At the time Hindu astrologers braced for a three-day period during which the earth would be “bathed in the blood of thousands of kings.”   Currently, people are heralding what they see as the Age of Aquarius being ushered in as a time of change that will benefit humanity. 

I see echos of the Great Mutation that occurred at the end of December and to be sure a new era is upon us.  What we make of it is up to us, both individually and as a collective.  As you can see from the expectations in 1962 Aquarius, like any sign, isn’t all just light and love. 

It has two archetypes in charge - Uranus in modern astrology and Saturn in classical astrology.  Uranus was the consort of Gaia and they had a very fruitful union with many, many children.  Uranus was appalled by some of his children that  he didn’t view as perfect.  He saw them as monsters and metaphorically shoved them back into Gaia’s womb by essentially imprisoning them in caves. 

Saturn, who is Uranus son, who literally dismembered him at Gaia’s urging swallowed his own children because he was afraid of being overthrown by them.  Symbolically one of the dark sides of Aquarius can be where we cut off or swallow our creative children.   Essentially  we unconsciously divorce ourselves from our own life force.  

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, the the place where we dance to our own drumbeat but it can also represent where we feel orphaned.  Where we have lost our sense of home and belonging, particularly where the Moon is concerned. 

This New Moon, which echoes the Great Mutation,  presents an opportunity to shine a light on our inner world at the dark of the New Moon.  Use its reflection to  harness the  gifts of Aquarius:  creative insight, getting the big picture and truly attempting to view what is good for the all rather than the individual.  Use your insight to think outside of the box you have placed yourself within.  Aquarius craves freedom.  The freedom to be itself, room to roam and the possibility of viewing new horizons not yet imagined.  Your inner genius is ready for a revolution.  Anywhere you’ve been feeling stuck. if you’re not living the life you want, I invite you to use the this New Moon by sitting in contemplation.  Go within and listen to the song of your heart.  Journal your dreams, especially the ones you have discarded or deemed impossible.  Essentially witness your bodacious self,  explore your inner world and drink of the nectar of the Gods - the true essence within the Water Bearer’s containers.  Allow it some space to breathe.  Use your restlessness, your divine discontent and witness your soul at its core calling you forward towards a new vista.   What do you yearn for?

This New Moon takes place a week prior to the first Saturn-Uranus square,  creative yet challenge clash between the old and the new which is very much a theme in the collective this yearn that will also be impacting us all personally.  It will color everything. (Exact Feb.17, June 14 and Dec. 24)I repeat my thought from December - what in your life is essentially dying and what  is being born?

Emphasized or not we all have Aquarius somewhere within our charts.  This article I wrote about the various signs and the Great Mutation can be reused for this very special New Moon to give you a sense of what area oof your life is being activated.  What evolutionary things would you like to give birth to in 2021?  Where do you wish to dwell?

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