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Happy Solstice!

As I shared last week today during the Solstice, December 21 at 11:20 a.m. MST, we will experience a moment in time that has not occurred since 1226 - being lauded as a Bethlehem Star. The fact that this is taking place on the Solstice, a time of opening that heralds the return of the Sun’s light over the next few months, indeed signals a unique moment in time. The Jupiter Saturn alignment as it moves into Air, the Great Mutation, is truly a once in many lifetimes event(every 800 years). For millennia this conjunction was seen as a sign of someone or something powerful being born...what within you is moving into consciousness?  What  dream is waiting to be born?

For more a quarter of a century I have worked to consciously harness the energies symbolically represented by transits and progressions to my own chart.  I view it as participating in an intricate dance with the Universe.  

I have learned a lot, particularly by falling on my face when I just didn’t want to really step forward into the moment.  When I resisted, usually because I was comfortable where I was sometimes because I was a bit intimidated by the next step forward, I still ended up where I needed to be, but, if I am honest, the transition was not even remotely what could be termed graceful.  And it was often very painful. 

On the other hand, when I trust the pattern being revealed in my chart, trust the moment in time(Can you see my back ground in improvisational theater here?), even when it is hard and bravely step forward miracles happen.  Frankly, I remain awestruck at the precision with which this shows up in our charts. I've had the honor and privilege of working with many of you to interpret the breathtaking composition your charts. It never fails to amaze me.  The unfolding mystery of our relationship with the divine is intricately displayed in an enchanting play of mathematical exactitude.

This moment in time offers a powerful invitation to step forward no matter where it falls within your own natal chart.   It is just the beginning of a cycle, Saturn will be in Aquarius until March of 2023 and with Saturn things take time.  But when you focus your energy in the area of your chart that is being transited the rewards will be many, particularly in 2021 when Jupiter is traveling alongside.  

I will highlight each Sun sign below. I invite you to take some time, today if you can, even over the next few days to inquire deeply within through mediation or journaling.  Take a deep breath  light a candle and then ask yourself what is it time to let go of?  What is beckoning you forward?  And then just take the tiniest step.  Take one tiny, and I do mean tiny nothing is too small, action a day and watch the Universe respond over time. In particular over 2021.  

Saturn was last here from 1991-1994.  Try to look back and see what was occurring in your life.  You will see a similar theme repeating over the next two years.  


This falls into your solar 11th house where we are connected to tribe, to community, to expressing ourselves through joining with others who have mutual values, beliefs and ideals.   In the 11th, we conceive of a perfect world and try to wake others up to our visions.  It’s the house of the outcast and the rebel, the freethinker, the humanitarian.  Where we build things with others.  The 11th also rules dreams, so what you’ve long envisioned in your heart can now materialize if you work towards it, particularly if you align with others around you.   Find your people.


With Saturn transiting your 10th house, you are being invited to step forward into a place of authentic authority.  Now, this may be a time of apprenticeship as you move toward your place in the Sun.  This is Saturn’s natural house and Saturn moves slowly, building over time.    It is a period of initiation in the arena of how you show up in the world .  Career-wise it is a time of great opportunity but Saturn  demands accountability.   In essence ,you are being asked to show up and get to work.  If you do this consistently there will be many new opportunities available.  Often ones you’ve never imagined.


This moment in time is inviting you to explore new horizons, to fully engage in what holds deep meaning for you. Saturn and Jupiter are sojourning through your solar 9th house of belief, calling on you to take a leap of faith and step into the world that is beckoning - whether through travel, education or simply sharing something of yourself/beliefs with the world. If you are interested in publishing a book or creating podcast now is the time to set it in motion This is a house of sowing seeds and then taking the leap into the great unknown.


Your 8th house in being activated, the arena of personal intimacy, of inheritance, of what we share with others.  It is deep psychologically-directed house, where our most intimate vulnerabilities are exposed, or it can be primarily about how we use our resources. Ruling both life and death, it is about our ability to burn to the core of our known selves and come back to ourselves renewed.  Here we are focused on what we hold onto beyond it’s lifespan and what we need to let go of in order to boldly step into the future.  On a mundane level shared resources, financially 2021 could bring big gains.  Venture capital, insurance claims, bonuses, prize winnings all fall in this domain.

Over the next two years relationships are being put to the test, both personal and professional. The 7th house can represent everyone out there who is close to us and with whom we have to deal on a day to day basis (outside of close relations and family, who are covered by other houses). Close relationships will take on greater importance and many powerful alliances can be created but it will be a learning process.  On a certain level this is the house that might be best characterized by Jung’s statement “What we don’t integrate on the inside shows up on the outside dressed as fate.”  Where have you been giving up your personal authority to someone or something outside of you?


The area of your solar chart being highlighted is your 6th house. It is connected with work, health, daily habits and pets, an earth house  at its core it is about taking our inner world and doing the work of making it real.  It is an arena of discrimination, choice, separating the chaff from the grain. You are being asked to make a choice about  what is truly nourishing to you and  then to set up a daily routine around it.   Strength comes from working out our priorities and then working on them. You are being asked to move on from habits that no longer serve your life.


Jupiter and Saturn are taking up residence in the house of true love, children both literal and creative, and learning to enjoy yourself. Your work, particularly in 2021, is to refine  the ability to take up space and receive love. Here you are being asked to take an unabashed risk on yourself.  To let yourself be the beloved, to have fun, to play.    To enjoy yourself and others and to share yourself and let them enjoy you.  In this arena you are being asked to take center stage.   Think of the next two years as an invitation into the art of play.

This alignment is lighting up your 4th house which  represents where we live both literally and metaphorically, including our family of origin.  This will be your area of focus.  Your foundation and sense of security are going to be shifting. In essence you are being asked to move. This might be literal, it might be metaphoric.  How have you been rooted in a “home” that no longer fits?  You might find yourself buying a new home, or renovating.  Essentially, you are recreating where you dwell.


Saturn is now beginning a tour of your 3rd house.  On a surface level this is the arena of communication, writing, short trips, your neighborhood and all of these activities might be highlighted.  On a deeper level, the 3rd house contains the seeds of our inner background noise, the attitudes and beliefs that are just there and we take for granted.  If this alignment falls here you are being asked to bring unconscious beliefs that have been essentially holding you back to the forefront and release them so that something new can be born.    Look at where you feel contained or stuck in your day to day life for clues.  Journaling/morning pages can be a great tool.   


Saturn has been traveling in your sign for a little more than that past two years and you may have a sense of things lightening up just a bit as this transit begins.   He is now entering your 2nd house, and the question becomes, “What is truly important to me?’  This area is about what we value, and our self worth.  It also rules our personal income so you may find yourself considering a new line of work. The next two years present an optimal time for this.  A balanced 2nd house enhances our feelings of security and belonging.  Taking a stand for yourself, for what matters to you, is the foundation of future possibility.  Where have you been rejecting yourself?

You are the sign that is being called upon to make deep changes over the next couple of years. If there is a siren song within that has been singing now is the time to listen and boldly step forward. This is hitting you at your core and you can expect a powerful evolution to take place between now and 2023.  It is a time of initiation, for something that has been incubating within to be born.   Step into the spotlight. 

Jupiter and Saturn will be traveling through your 12th house through most of 2021, with Jupiter briefly moving into your sign from May13- July 28th before he speeds fully into Pisces in 2022.  The 12th house is often considered to be a place of rest, of going within.  Ultimately it is about connecting to something larger than ourselves, connecting to the divine.   It is great time to reflect, to do research, to work behind the scenes on any project (writing a book for example) before launching it in 2022.  The real secret of the 12th house is that we are being asked to look within and confront any “ghost” that has been haunting us so that we can release it fully and move forward. 

For all of us it is a time of initiation, an opportunity to create a new sense of value, meaning and purpose within our individual lives.  When we consciously harness this time, this energy we help the trajectory not only of our own lives but the lives of those around us and the planet. 

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