From Earth To Air Re-envisioning What's Possible

2020, a dramatic year of change that we will all remember, is now speeding to a close. Given how intense it has been for all of us on a global level it is no surprise that we have a breathtaking climax approaching. Today’s solar eclipse in Sagittarius might be seen as its opening act to be followed exactly one week later by the astrologers refer to as the Great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius.   

Solar Eclipses, which always take place at the New Moon,  are symbolically seen as creating new beginnings and this one in particular offers an energetic gateway to begin truly re-envisioning your own life. In lively Sagittarius we are urged to look within and ask what has been feeling like it has been slowly dying over the past year?  And conversely what dreams and yearnings inside have been waiting to be born?   Now is the time to begin to breathe life into these yearnings.  To fire up your inspiration, harness the brave optimistic journeying quality of the Archer, muster up the courage to expand your horizon and take a leap of faith that has been beckoning.

Eclipses always take place near the nodal axis (for more information about the nodes and in particular the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius here is a link to my previous blog).  This eclipse aligns with the South Node indicating that it is the for something to end in order to make room something else to start anew. We may be called to release something in order to move forward and enter a new chapter in our lives. It is important to allow the necessary surrender to the unknown to make space bravely move forward towards new frontiers whose vistas may have been beckoning for some time.

Onto the Great Mutation.  

Many of you have seen the articles referring to the “Bethlehem Star” and have asked me what it symbolizes astrologically. Every 20 years Jupiter and Saturn align, every 200 years the element they align in changes.  For the past 200 years, with the exception of 1980, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have taken place in Earth Signs.  Next week on the 21st they move into Aquarius, an air sign. For the next 200 years each alignment from now on will take place in one of the air signs Gemini, Libra ad Aquarius.  The last time this happened was 800 years ago in 1226 and yes, it was indeed in the sign of Aquarius.  

This is an immense shift.  Simply consider the physical difference between earth and air.  Earth might be seen as the Red Rocks of Sedona,   Air could be represented by the currents of the wind from a gentle breeze to a more forceful gale.  The rocks shift and change slowly over time  whereas even a breeze creates movement much more swiftly.   We are being called to swiftly reimagine ourselves and our lives.

The song “Let There be Peace on Earth” has been running through my head as I consider this period we are collectively moving into.  In particular the lyric “let it begin with me” rings true. 

Our charts are the map, our lives the territory.  

When we work with our chart as a guiding spirit we harness its power.  We  are moving along with the current and can use its energy to more easily carries downstream. 

From this space of personal authority I believe we can actively participate in creating magic transforming ourselves, our lives and the lives of those around us. 

From my point of view Saturn and Jupiter need each other.  In essence these two work hand in hand together.  Jupiter dreams and Saturn builds. 

On a very basic level Jupiter represents our beliefs from faith to philosophy.  Jupiter often reminds me of The Fool card (here we are back at Sagittarius whose domain is Jupiter’s) in the Tarot.  Representing the beginning of a journey, the person pictured is about to step off of a cliff.  Essentially he is taking a leap of faith. Wherever Jupiter lays within our chart we will find ourselves again and again being asked to take leap of faith.  To expand and move forward. 

Saturn on the other hand, and he receives far too much bad press in my mind, symbolizes moving to adulthood.  Admittedly where Saturn lies in our chart we often have a sense of fear or inadequacy and he shows  perceived limits both conscious and unconscious.  

But consider this: Before there were telescopes Saturn was the furthest visible planet.  Metaphorically, Saturn describes the visible and invisible boundaries we put on our everyday reality.  The outskirts of the reality we perceive with our inner vision.  The “story” of our limits, not our actual limits.  To own our Saturn is to move into our power to create our own lives and move past these invisible boundaries and traverse into untried territory.  In other words to move beyond our current limits and build something new. 

Jupiter thinks this is all great fun, Saturn on the other hand? He knows there is a lot of work involved.

The word disciple and disciple come from the same root.  What ever action you are taking is actively saying to the universe I am becoming a disciple of of my inner vision.  In essence I am apprenticing to my dream. This is a very powerful thing.  

Aquarius is known as the sign of the visionary, the humanitarian and the rebel. Aquarius’ job is to challenge authority, tear down existing structures, and replace the outdated with something better.  We all have Aquarius somewhere in our charts.

There is simply too much material here for a blog or email post.  With this in mind I am offering a class this Saturday, December 19,  from 10-11:30 am MST via Zoom on the Great Mutation and how to harness its energy personally as we head into 2021. The cost of the webinar is $20.  All attending will receive a recording of the class and slides of the material so you do not need to attend in person. We will cover some of the archetypes, energies and stories associated with Aquarius, (in particular through the eyes of Jupiter and Saturn) and how to use them to foster change within your own life.  There will be a brief Q & A session at the end of the session.  To register please reach out to me directly at

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