Are you an open book?

“Astrology is a language, if you understand this language the sky speaks to you.”   -Dane Rudhyar

I love to read.  According to my mother, I began to sound out words at the tender age of 18 months.  For as long as I can remember I have read each night before I go to sleep.  Even when I am exhausted I have to enact this bedtime ritual – at the very least one paragraph.  Stories, from fairy tales to epics, notable literature and the “you can ‘t put it down piece of pulp fiction” have always captured my imagination.

Why is this important to astrology?  Because to me, each chart holds a never-ending story, an epic journey full of mystery, magic and yes- fate. 

In this analogy, the natal chart would be the book. Here all sorts of themes are exposed about our hero or heroine.  Do you get obsessed, almost captured and dragged to the underworld by your relationships? I guarantee somewhere Pluto is involved and at best he is asking (ok it is Pluto so perhaps demanding might be a better word) you to let go of needing to call the shots and embrace change so that you can better understand your soul.  Or alternately Neptune might be the player and you are either being taken to new soul merging heights (usually the beginning of a Neptune dominated relationship) or learning just how self- deceiving you can be.  I have a Neptune dominated chart and I used to say self-depreciatingly of the relationship with my ex-fiancé “The writing was on the wall in huge graffiti and I was pretending that I was illiterate.”  In the end, all of the trials and tests along the journey are here to serve our soul and its greater purpose.  This may sound dramatic but for each of us our life is an epic journey – we are all the hero of our own story. 

I should add here that I fully embrace the view that we picked the journey and the astrological chart along with the transits to it and the progressions within it reflect “our itinerary” in this lifetime.  Is it that literate?  The truth is sometimes yes. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have free will.  But if we are on a divinely inspired journey who is to say when those choices took place?  From our family of origin to  our relationships and dreams I subscribe to the notion that we chose it all. There is a lot of inner peace that comes with this, and frankly, when I look at a chart my breath still gets taken away by the beauty of each soul’s travels. Think of your natal chart as a map, a form of sacred cartography.  Decoding it helps you understand (remember) the course that you have set. 

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