Ritual for the Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Light a candle and find a comfortable place to sit and meditate.   Breathe deeply into the center of your being.  Become aware of the sensation of your breath as it moves both inward and outward.  Just feel and savor the sensation. Allow yourself to relax and enter a space of not having to rush.  Gradually expand your awareness to the rest of your body, feel the beating of your heart, feel your energy pulsing as moves throughout your legs and down into your feet, your arms, your belly. Follow it up to your head, your scalp, even your ears.  Just experience your embodied self.  Savor it. If you notice thoughts rushing about (which you most likely will) take a deep breath and re center your focus on the sensations you feel within your embodiment. Consciously enjoy the sensations of your body.  Receive and welcome the sensations you are feeling,  all of them, practicing non judgement.   Send the energy of love to each cell within your physical body, this temple that houses you and carries you throughout life. Marvel at its complexity.   Continue to do this until you reach a sense of completion. 

You can finish the ritual here, move on to journaling  but to really ground and expand this energy put on some music that moves you and dance. Enjoy your embodied  self.  Simply allow yourself to be carried by the rhythm as you feel it coursing through you for at least five minutes. 

Spend a few minutes journaling, exploring, brain storming: what do you really want?
Don’t search for an answer in your journaling, it is early simply be curious an explore.  This curiosity is fertilizing your creativity - both what your consciously aware of as well as what is unconsciously gestating within. 

** Eclipses come in pairs. There is Lunar eclipse on May 16th in Scorpio, which is about release.  I will send out another blog prior to the Full Moon with a Scorpio Full Moon/Eclipse ritual

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