Ritual for the New Moon in Gemini

I invite you to complete this meditation prior to setting any intentions for the New Moon

Allow yourself to create a sacred space.  This can be done in whatever manner feels centering to you.  Light a candle, take a bath, give yourself some fresh flowers.  You could even dance to set the tone. All that matters is for this brief period in time you are creating a space of holy sanctuary for yourself.  

From this place, take a seat, get centered and being to breathe deeply.  Place your attention upon your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Breath connects us with the universe. Be patient with this and allow your energy to settle fully.  Then begin to consciously breathe in wonder.  Come from a place of discovery and possibility.  On the in breath breathe in wonder, on the out breath breathe out gratitude until you find your self in a place of stillness.  Allow yourself to savor this quiet place within before your re-emerge back into this moment in time. Take the time to journal and integrate your experience being open to both the questions and answers that arise. 

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