Use this Capricorn New Moon to Bring your Dreams into Reality

Capricorn Full Moon 
Wednesday July 13, 
11:37 PM PDT, 2:37 PM EST

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, brings a Supermoon in the sign of Capricorn. It will be the brightest full moon of the year, making it an ideal night to experience the power of the Moon’s light.

In astrology the Sun and the Moon are known as the lights. The Sun is the light of the day, our conscious self where seeing is more clearly defined. The Moon is the light of the night, beautiful mysterious and the lines are more softly drawn. There are an abundance of symbolic archetypal metaphors around the lights. The Sun is the outer world, the Moon the inner world. The Sun is our ever evolving self in a constant state of becoming, the Moon is our home, our past both this life and others.  

During a full Moon they are powerfully mirroring each other.

Full moons offer a monthly (and on occasion, twice monthly) invitation to take stock and reflect. This is the part of the month where deeply seated feelings emerge and dreams are more visible. Even the tides are moved by a Full Moon’s power.  

This particular Full Moon is in Capricorn a sign that loves strategy, plans and is driven to build. It is calling us to bring our dreams out of the realm of imagination and into reality.  

It also marks the middle of the year. This year the Capricorn New Moon took place on January 2, right as we were setting our resolutions, our intentions for the year ahead. Now, it is during this Full Moon phase that we can begin to manifest our visions and embody a new version of ourselves.

But to do this it’s time to reassess where you are in the journey of 2022. Are you still in alignment with the magic you dreamed of at the Capricorn New Moon on January 2 or have you become distracted? Where are you devoting your time and attention? Are you making time for what truly nourishes you and is tugging on your heartstrings?

Everything is connected. Everything. We are part of a greater whole and your natal chart actively demonstrates this moment by moment with math. That’s right, math. 

The planets have been moving in time at the same rate of speed (measured mathematically and NASA uses the very same measurements), in an intricate dance, from the beginning of time. The Moon always takes 27.3 days to complete the entire Zodiac. Saturn’s cycle is roughly every 29.5 years and Pluto’s 248.  From astrology’s perspective, your soul knew this timing when it chose the moment you drew your first breath and your natal chart was created from that kind of precise intentionality. The angles of incarnation (which represent us moving out of spirit and into physical reality) set the coordinates of our chart based upon the exact moment you drew that breath. They literally tick forward one mathematical degree out of 360 possible degrees every four minutes. Your "coordinates" are that precise. While your personality, your identity in this lifetime may not remember this, your soul knew the timing of everything before you arrived in this life. It knew when particular planets, energies, would align and awaken you opening new pathways and experiences within your life.

So, what your soul yearns for, what is pulling you forward, is no accident. You were intentional, your life was intentional. It is an intricate part of the greater whole. And when you align with that through conscious awareness (attention and intention to start)…wow! You actively begin to have a felt experience of the Universe’s active care for you. 

So, use this New Moon to gain some clarity and insight and then trust your heart as you move forward.  Look at what you wish to build a foundation for in the time ahead. We have hit a culmination point in the year and you can this Moon’s illuminating energies to move forward in a clearer headspace.  

One additional note: This Capricorn New Moon is in conjunction with Pluto, with both opposed to the Sun in Cancer. Aspects to Pluto remind us that only so much is within our control, however hard we work to change certain things or prevent others from happening. And we usually know when it is time to let go of what isn’t really working when we are honest with ourselves but have trouble loosening our grasp. Detangling yourself now will help to pave the road ahead. 

Ritual /Meditation for the Capricorn Full Moon: 

Allow yourself to settle by focusing on your breath as it moves in and out. Gradually imagine the base of your spine, your root chakra, as the roots of a tree and follow its trunk up your spine imagining branches bursting out of your crown charka at the top of your head. Feel the soil nourishing the roots sending energy up into the branches as they stretch to the sky.  

The roots represent your inner vision and dreams and the branches them manifesting into physical reality. Feel the leaves begin to sprout and envision them flowering, moving to fruit that gradually ripens as you breathe in and out, imagining that you are taking in nourishment from the universe on each in breath that gathers at the roots and then send it up into the branches and ripening fruit on each out breath reconnecting to the whole. Envison this aligning your inner world and outer world with purpose. Know that you can return to this meditation as needed to recenter your attention and vision any time that you desire.

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