If you look up the etymology of the word revelation this is what you will find:

revelation (n.)

c. 1300, revelacioun, "disclosure of information or knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency," from Old French revelacion and directly from Latin revelationem (nominative revelatio), noun of action from past-participle stem of revelare "unveil, uncover, lay bare"

Last week on twitter a well known and respected astrologer with a major podcast tweeted “One of the problems with trying to dodge a negative transit is that you only really have a vague idea of the possible attack vectors…” which frankly really blew my mind. The core of this concept assumes so very many things completely erroneously. First of all that any transit is purely a negative transit. It reveals a very binary black and white way of not only looking at astrology but also of looking at life. 

As you can see, I was profoundly bothered that someone with such an enormous following and a large influence, whose work I respect, was propagating such a simplified lens through which to view astrology and essentially ones life and yet…

To be honest I have been eyeing this part of the year with a bit of inner trepidation. We have a major aspect configuration (astrological jargon for big change ahead) in the sky that is nothing short of intense. 

And this is true for everyone, as we are all connected, it falls somewhere within your chart and that particular area of your life will be lit up whether it directly hits something more personally within your chart or not. (The best example I can give you is the Saturn Pluto conjunction of early 2020 that ushered in the global covid pandemic. We were all impacted, though to be clear I am in no way suggesting an event of that magnitude.)

It directly lands on a major configuration within my own chart, hence the trepidation. 

Over the the past seven years my chart, aka my life, has been directly hit with one major astrological transit/progression after another. My internal experience as well as my outer life has been a beautiful yet somewhat completely overwhelming rollercoaster. As most of you know, I was essentially in quarantine for a full year prior to covid because my mother’s care had moved to a 24/7 experience where she even relied upon me to be fed. My life had been turned upside down. 

And I also used my personal astrological approach throughout all of it: That major transits reflect our soul’s timing. there is a greater wisdom to them. That the planets (archetypal energies) have been moving at the same rate of speed since the beginning of time. Our soul knew this when it selected the precise time to incarnate into this life. Essentially, it chose the timing of each major awakening within our life before we even arrived. 

So, while the past seven years had seriously been the most sustained period of high intensity within my life so far because I chose to consciously lean into the experience, believing that a bigger unfolding was occurring that my soul chose, rather than as I like to say be dragged into the future like a screaming toddler, it also ended up being the most miraculous and magnificent part of my life as well. Something in me that I never could have imagined opened. In many ways I have felt reborn. 

So why the trepidation? Because I also felt tired and in a very human way just wanted a break. So even though I had a list of upcoming astrological events that I keep track of regularly part of me internally turned blind eye and put off some of the questions I will regularly contemplate whilst in the middle of a metaphorical astrological storm, when I know I will essentially be standing at yet another crossroads.  

I also attended a simply divine Yoga and Writing retreat in Costa Rica and caught my breath. 

Thus two weeks ago my trepidation evolved. 

The moment I awakened this question arose in my consciousness: What am I being asked to awaken to?

Major transits are at their core about revelation. Something is revealed. Unveiled. 

This crux of this transit is brought to us courtesy of the planet Uranus. Among other things Uranus rules lightning. Envision how in the darkest night a lightning strike will suddenly illuminate a landscape quite vividly that was completely hidden in darkness the moment before.  That is the quintessence of a Uranus transit. The planet was first discovered as both the American and French revolutions emerged breaking apart what existed before and redefining reality. 

Uranus is associated with the unexpected. He guides us into the future via flashes of lightning. We will be struck. Our ordinary, ego-bound patterns and definitions and our habitual ways of understanding our world that we really have outgrown will be severed. But, the more we allow Uranus in (or any other major configuration) the more we let go of our limited understanding, the greater influence we have over our experience of own charts/lives.

Over the next three months Uranus is joined through challenging aspect by Saturn, and the transiting nodes. Saturn is always about moving past our fears/limitations and claiming authority, taking responsibility for some aspect of ourselves which is why it is associated with adulthood. The nodes are profoundly connected to embodying our purpose. This next week and through early August Mars, known as the God of War, has joined the party. It is a time of change, a time of revelation perhaps even of revolution within your life.

I don’t agree with the astrological theory posited by the astrologer I referenced at the top of this blog. There is no such thing as a simply negative transit. We aren’t helpless victims under attack by the universe. Each of our individual souls chose the timing in our lives for the purpose of our greater unfoldment. If this is directly impacting your chart your soul is saying it is time to awaken to something new. And frankly, it is not asking you, it is informing you. I recommending taking the time to consciously listen. You can journal, meditate, go to a sound bath, simply contemplate it as you walk. Who knows what treasures will be revealed, illuminated through the flash of an unexpected thunderbolt? What new horizon is being revealed?

If you you have any planet or sensitive point within your chart in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) between 14 and 24 degrees it will essentially be stuck by spiritual lightning during this period. Or if your composite chart (chart of your relationship) has something within these degrees if you are in a relationship the relationship will also be going through some type of evolution.

For those of your whose Sun is in any of the above mentioned signs this would mean that you were born roughly between the 3rd and 14th of the month. It will be the most intense for those born between the 5th and 8th. 

More about this and its connection to our upcoming New Moon in Leo this week

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