The Lion's Gate Portal opens today kicking off a week of change, what do you want to manifest?

There is no way around it, the energy is fierce around this week’s Full Moon in Aquarius. In many ways August as a whole has the most intense energy of 2022. The planetary alignments are dynamic, which is another way of saying there is a profound atmosphere of change throughout the entire month and this Full Moon heightens and brings to light what has been brewing under the surface. 

Honestly, even without the Full Moon the energy this week is simply intense. The Full Moon shining its light simply illuminates what might have been hiding in the shadows, whether they be unnamed desires, unresolved conflicts (inner or outer) or something you have been procrastinating on and can no longer avoid. I want to stress that this doesn’t mean bad things are going to happen, but I would suggest taking a deep breath and grounding yourself before you respond to events, particularly within your relationships this week. 

As I was writing this the song the from the musical Hair that The Age of Aquarius morphs into kept running through my mind: Let the Sun shine In. What does the Sun do? It illuminates things, it brings warmth and heat. It germinates seeds and brings us new life. A full moon is literally where the moon is reflecting the Sun’s light full blast. A Full Moon is illuminating some aspect of our inner world which the Moon as the light of the night symbolically represents.

In my email/blog two days ago there was a reason I began with Einstein’s quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” This week’s astrological configurations invite us to shake up our personal Universe. To profoundly listen to the inner rumblings that have been not so subtly brewing under the surface for a while now. Under these change-making moonbeams, you’re basically hypersensitive to anything that feels limiting or restrictive. Things that can no longer be hidden under the surface of conscious awareness. 

At its best, the sign Aquarius is innovative and individualistic. Wherever it falls within our own charts we are asked to dance to the beat of our own drummer. To gain a larger perspective

At it worst Aquarius is far more perfectionistic than your most compulsive Virgo. Aquarius has an internalized idealized version of life that it is always measuring itself against. It’s their code, their Holy Grail. And as a card carrying member of this clan I can personally tell you it is a beautiful thing. That’s why we are known as humanitarians. But the dark side…nothing is every good enough. And not being able to live up to perfection can literally prevent us from really living. 

How and why is this part of the Aquarian dynamic of consciousness?

The answer lies in the origin myth of its modern ruler Uranus. In the beginning there was Gaia born from primal Chaos (big bang theory anyone?)and lonely she created the sky God Ouranus (Uranus). Initially theirs was the ultimate cosmic love story. He would come and lie upon here at night and they were very fruitful. All was good. But then some of the children weren’t quite so perfect - the Cyclops for example. Ouranus couldn’t tolerate them in their imperfection and shoved them back into the caves of the earth. Which ultimately led to Saturn overthrowing his father by cutting off his ‘member’ and tossing it into the sea.

The archetypal metaphor under this myth points to where we potentially cut off our own life giving creative ability out of fear that it is not good enough. Where we try to control change. 

Thursday’s Aquarius Full Moon is a reminder that if we do the same things over and over again we can expect the same results. And the Universe, our life, is in a constant state of change, of death and rebirth. So, it’s also inevitable that if we awaken and do something out of our ordinary way of being, something that breaks us out of our status quo, no matter how uncomfortable, we make room for the Universe to surprise us with something that’s different at a minimum and often even extraordinary. 

I repeat the invitation of this year’s dramatic Full Moon in Aquarius as part of a very complex astrological configuration (conjunct Saturn, squaring the Uranus/North Node conjunction) is to break out of the box. To work at liberating yourself from emotional shackles that get in the way of you taking a much needed step forward on the pathway of your life. 

Today is the perfect way to launch this effort as it is considered to be the annual opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, a time that marks the alignment of the Sun in Leo with the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky), the constellation Orion’s Belt and the Earth. Within astrology, the fixed star Sirius is said to have the lucky expansive qualities of Jupiter and the drive to get those things done of the planet Mars — hence a day for manifesting. So set the tone for this week by making some time today, even a brief five minutes and focus on what you wish to bring into reality.  

And remember no matter what occurs in the intensity of the energy this week a big external shift often magnifies places where we need a little more self acceptance and support. Where we are learning to be welcoming and receive. Place where we can open our hearts to ourselves and others and become more fundamentally ourselves. Remember the quote (which I believe it is Shakespeare but has biblical origins) “Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise.” Unexpected events are essentially strangers.

So here's to a blessed and fruitful Full Moon!

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