Find balance within through September 23

We so often rush forward, barely giving ourselves time to catch our breath. This is what I love about retrogrades in general; to me they are always an opportunity to slow down and reassess. As I shared on Saturday Mercury, the God of Thresholds always arrives in myth just in time to move the narrative forward. 

As the acclaimed poet and philosopher David Whyte says 

“Our human essence lies not in arrival, but in being almost there; we are creatures who are on the way, our journey is a series of anticipated impending arrivals.”

This Mercury retrograde spans two signs. To use this energy most effectively there are two distinct qualities to be considered throughout his journey in backward motion. Currently through September 23, he is traversing in the sign of Libra prior to moving back into Virgo on September 24. 

Libra is often concerned with attaining balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the world.
A sign that loves to arrange things in a pleasing manner, at its essence Libra is concerned with the good, the true and the beautiful. Venus, who glyph literally symbolizes a hand mirror, is Libra’s ruling planet. 

This Mercury retrograde in Libra is about seeking harmony internally. The question to ask ourselves is how do we create peace and balance within ourselves? Or perhaps where are we out of balance? 

If we take the time to go within over the next ten days, gradually a new truth can emerge, allowing us to find balance between where or what we are and where or what we would like to be. 

Slow down. Breathe. Listen and practice viewing everything that is occurring around you as a mirror of your inner state that you may be denying whilst pointing the finger at others. I once gain quote Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” When you find your self agitated, unsettled etc, go within. As A Course in Miracles states a miracle is s shift in perception.  

I love the added context that can be discovered in the root of the word perceive. Particularly “ seize entirely, to take possession of,” I mean, how often are we essentially seized by a perception that doesn’t serve us and we basically have trouble loosening our grasp? I know it happens to me personally, often. 

Through September, 23rd…

Slow down, breath,  loosening your grasp and be open to miracles.

More about Mercury retrograde in Virgo next week.

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