Cutting to the heart of desire; how to use the magic of Venus Cazimi this Saturday

In the eyes of the ancients, Venus was believed to be a star rather than a planet as she was so bright in the night sky. Metaphorically, and on a certain level literally within our psyche, this really isn’t surprising. She is the Goddess of Love. Symbolically magnetic Venus represents what we value and how we connect. She represents what makes life worth living. Of course she is luminous. Of course she was also known as the “light bringer.” How could it be otherwise?

This Saturday, October 22, Venus will be cazimi a day that is considered to be especially lucky where Venus is concerned. 

Technically, when another planet moves to the exact same degree of the Sun, it’s considered to be “cazimi,” where its energies are illuminated and amplified by the Sun’s power. 

Venus Cazimi’s happen in about 9 month increments and it is this motion that creates the Venus rose. As I have noted before, astronomically Venus is an astonishing planet and sacred geometry is very much alive within her orbit: Many know it as the pentagram of Venus. The word pentagram, or five-sided figure, is used because, over the eight years, each phenomenon, each relative position of Earth, Venus, and the sun, occurs five times creating a five pointed star. We see this same star when we cut an apple horizontally in half…it is no wonder that apples, symbolizing desire, were considered sacred to the Goddess. 

Even more breath taking, Venus’s frequency equates with the number 1.618 or PHI. This 1.618 PHI ratio is a regularly occurring aspect in which Venus traces the heavens to create her ‘star’. For mathematicians it is said to be a near perfect value, for economists it represents the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, for artists, architects, designers, it is known as the Golden Mean and for musicians it is the 5.8 ratio (5+8=13) on the musical scale. A formula of harmony, the Golden Mean is said to be the most pleasing relationship in both space and in sound, essentially, a harmony of the spheres. This about it: She really is awe inspiring, this alone is the epitome of connection. 

A Venus cazimi brings forth powerful insight and surprising revelations surrounding relationships, compromise and significant others. This particular cazimi is astrologically very significant as it is in Libra, Venus’ home for the first time since the 10th century. The great wheel of life is turning. The Venus Sun Superior conjunction will now occur in Libra every eight years, for the next 100 years or so, with a small exception of the next instance which will recede back to Scorpio for one more time. Change is in the air, both personally and collectively.

What does this mean for you? This day has incredible capacity for getting us in touch with our hearts and our senses. It suggests an opportunity to gain clarity about your priorities: the heart of desire is being amplified. 

Where she lies within our chart points to where we are learning to be receptive, to be open. Where we are learning how to honor ourselves and our desires. Where we are learning how to receive. Venus is the Goddess of self love. In myth she never questioned her self worth or the value her desires. She was worshiped from the moment she was born and instantly adorned with jewels by the people around her. She had no self doubt. She was powerfully shameless, as in she felt no shame consciously or unconsciously that prevented her from living the life she sought.

When we align with our Venus, in essence apprenticing ourselves to her, the world opens. After all she symbolizes the principle of desire, magnetic desire specifically. She governs how we draw things to ourselves. Aphrodite’s (Greek Version of Venus) girdle was said to make her irresistible. But truly when we align and work with the archetypal energy of Venus we don’t need a magic girdle to draw things toward us, because in essence she is the power of love that births all things and holds the world together. 

Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire. I vividly remember the first time I truly heard this concept. I was driving across the county listening to Wayne Dyer in the mid 90’s when I heard him say “What you desire, desires you.” At that point in my life that was a deliciously shocking concept. At its core this statement too is about the essence of love as a power, that everything is connected. Venus is about the power of connection. 

Take some time on Saturday to connect, with yourself, your desires and of course others. This is a perfect opportunity for wishes. She is reemerging as the evening star astronomically. So, as the Sun sets if you can (anytime during twilight is particularly auspicious but the timing doesn’t have to be perfect)light a candle and write down three wishes, Place them on an altar or other sacred spot you have created. One that reminds you to be present and connect both with yourself and others. 

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