Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Let go and Trust

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

Solar Eclipse Tuesday October 25 3:49 am PDT

 6:49 am EDT

Moon at 2:00 Scorpio, Sun at 2:00 Taurus


Early tomorrow morning the skies will be graced with an intense solar eclipse in Scorpio. It is the time of the year very connected to death and rebirth (Day of the Dead, Samhain, All Hallows Eve) and these themes are vividly in display during this particular New Moon which opens a week of celestial change ending with Mars, the planet of what motivates us, going retrograde through January 12. 

An important thing to note for those of you who love to set intentions during a New Moon. This month that is not what is called for, the energy of eclipse season, particularly this one as Uranus is once again involved, is chaotic and intense as we experience many realignments and revelations. This type of energy is destabilizing.  It is not what you want to invite into your manifestation rituals. Instead, eclipses are much better for sitting back, processing the shifts, and allowing aka trusting that the universe has a larger plan that we are a part of that is unfolding. Ultimately it is about trust vs control. Which is a magical power all of its own: the spiritual practice of trusting our pathway through life is essentially believing that the universe has your back. Even when you can’t see the way forward. Especially when you can’t see the way forward. 

As I pondered the best way to speak about this celestial event I really had to dig deep to begin to capture its energy. And you see, that is the key right there: Digging deep. Think excavation. This eclipse is best used by going deeply within as all of our shadows are being illuminated. Our hidden parts, those parts of ourselves that are often invisible to us but tend to keep us enacting the same patterns again and again within our lives. 

Scorpio rules the underworld, the mysterious, the dark, the shadows. The powerful. Both seen and unseen. It is a sign associated with transformation, depth of experiencing and knowing, therefore revealing to us what lies far beneath the surface of our normal awareness

Solar eclipses are connected to new beginnings but in Scorpio we must release the dead first. The particular energy being activated offers a profound opportunity for healing but it isn’t an ‘easy’ energy. It is fierce. It is provoking, at very least thought provoking. And I promise you it is emotional. Make extra space for both yourself and others. The Moon is a reflective energy, no matter what the sign, so if you find yourself provoked ask yourself “What part of me is being mirrored? What is it trying to reveal that is normally invisible to my eye?

Saturn in Aquarius is making what is termed a hard angle to the eclipse bringing up issues of boundaries, both those that have been crossed and those that need to be erected. It could also be seen as where we might need to cross an invisible boundary that we have unconsciously set about what us possible for ourselves and our lives. The dark side of Aquarius (and I can speak of this very personally as I am a card carrying member of the Aquarian brotherhood/sisterhood) can be a tendency to attempt to live through the lens of an idealized version of life by rising above it all. A place that doesn’t give much space for our human-beingness, our vulnerability. So we cling to what we know, disassociate just a tiny bit (sometimes more) because it makes us feel safe. 

Eclipses are a fabulous time for any practice that helps you ground during periods of chaos. Take some time to slow down, breathe deeply and consider how to take compassionate action from a place of trust in the Universe. Light a candle, meditate, journal and deliberately listen to your most vulnerable self. Find the spot within you that most needs your care and love and simply be with it from a place of acceptance and compassion no matter how uncomfortable.  

Don’t try and fix it. Fixing assumes that there is something broken about this place. That it is somehow a problem. And that essentially is an act of shaming yourself, which is why this place, this part of you was relegated to the shadows to begin with. It wasn’t accepted or received by others and so to ‘survive’ it was abandoned.  

Here is the secret: Love is always, always the cure for shame. Period. This wounded part of you, this shadowed mysterious place, simply needs your love and care. It needs you to let it be. Loving ourselves means loving all of ourselves rather than parsing ourselves into good parts and bad. 

During this eclipse you are essentially being asked to “see” within the dark and trust its wisdom. Don’t try and rush your process. Scorpio also is connected with death and rebirth and that also happens within its own time. Consciously surround yourself with an intention of grace and gratitude and let go. Simply surrender. Release what you ‘know’ and embrace the wonder of the mysterious unknown.  

Breathe deep.  Let go.



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