Are you Meeting The Moment?

There is an innate wildness within all of us. A way of moving, a pulse, that silently draws us forward. An instinctive knowing that seemingly, inexplicably draws us along our path. It knows what it knows. Birds and butterflies migrate thousands of miles using this instinct. The soul’s call will not be tamed and put in an appropriate box simply because our ‘logic’ demands it. When we futilely attempt to cage ourselves it erupts in some version of s soul sickness. This is the power of Mars in your chart. It is instinctual. 

Lately as Mars has gone retrograde through January 12, 2023, I have found myself in deep contemplation about the role of Mars plays in terms of our instinctual nature: Our wild creature.  

Fundamentally, Mars is about the action of desire. He is about both how we desire and how we fulfill our desire. In other words, Mars is about going after what we want. Because, when it comes down to it, what we desire and how we go about fulfilling those desires is the ultimate trial of the evolution of consciousness. Mars is where we yearn to be met. 

We can’t have true inspiration without Mars. When we are truly inspired, we are set in motion. 

And when he is retrograde is everything slows down. Retrogrades are always asking us to reassess. In Mars’ case we must reassess our desires. Are we pursuing what we really want? Do we even think about it? Are we in alignment with our desires? Or are we at war with ourselves?

And I must admit this final question has currently become my personal mantra: Are you meeting the moment?

I repeat, when we futilely attempt to cage ourselves it erupts in some version of soul sickness. This might occur as a sense of listlessness or that you are somehow stuck in second gear. Everything feels flat. And this is truly a sign that somehow we are not meeting the moment in our lives. We might actually be avoiding the moment because on some level we feel that if we take that step forward it won’t be welcomed. That it might upset someone else. 

When I think about my own life, or the lives of my students or clients, Mars always reminds me of the search for the Holy Grail. He asks us, What truly is worth fighting for? What is worth expending time and energy on? What battles should we simply walk away from? This is the heart of a true quest. No surprise that the root of the word courage is from the latin ‘cor’ meaning heart. At its core, when we come from our heart we are being courageous. 

This Mars retrograde period we are retracing, reiterating, reenforcing. The universe, the skies are urging the martian warrior within all of to retreat and regroup as we enter 2023. This is where we make plans. If we are speaking the language of Mars consider the entire campaign not just one battle. Take in the big picture. Strategize. Wait for the invitation to action.

The key to harnessing the power of Mars lies in both knowing what is truly valuable to us and then having the courage to align (make an inner alliance) with those values. Then we must go out and meet the moment.

A healthy, aware Mars knows where to expend its energy and passion vs picking needless outside battles simply as a way to deal with its own sense of divine discontent. When Mars’s spiritual side is activated, it becomes a vehicle for higher powers, and allows us to use those higher powers in daily activities. 

So, as we approach the end of 2022, honesty ask yourself where does it feel authentically important to be fierce in your life? To come from the heart. And then honestly assess am I meeting this moment in my life? 

That doesn’t mean its not scary or that you won’t feel vulnerable. It just means it is a battle worth fighting. It is worthy of you. It is worthy of your energy. And perhaps most importantly, it is worthy of your time, which for all of us is limited. Our personal time is finite in this lifetime. Period. You can always make more money, but you can never create more time. And time therefore is our most precious commodity.

Even if you don’t personally know where Mars is within your chart, I am willing to bet that the answers that surface are reflected and mirrored back within your natal chart. Recently in one of my classes students were assigned a collage of their Moons. What was truly extraordinary to all of us was that the resulting pieces not only displayed their Moons but their entire charts. And this is an entry level class, most of them know very little about astrology at this point. 

Your Natal chart is a map. A soul seeded map, an Alchemical Compass. Your life is the territory. One of the breathtakingly beautiful things to me is that they always profoundly reflect each other. 

When we bring conscious awareness to our journey life can be perceived as an experience of endless miracles. Even the challenging parts. I speak from personal experience when I say developing our Mars, our inner heart warrior, is worth the work. 

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