Sagittarius New Moon: Let's Go Beyond Together


New Moon in Sagittarius 

Wednesday, November 23 at 5:57 p.m. ET/2:57 p.m. PT

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.” - Saraha 

Often I feel as though I am questing for something, some indefinable vision whose mysterious gravitational pull is larger than life.  The irony is whilst I often will project this upon the outside world, the truth is at its core it is contained within me.  In many ways this feeling is the essence of the mysterious pilgrimage we are all journeying together called life.  

Last summer when I was on a retreat in Costa Rica I had the pleasure of meeting Francis who had walked the Camino de Santiago a few years earlier.  To walk the Camino is a long cherished dream of mine.  After completing his journey Francis had gotten this tattoo:  Ultreya.  

The etymology of this greeting used between pilgrims on the Camino comes from Latin and  means ‘beyond’. The understanding is that the salutation conveys “Let’s go further”or  “Let’s go forward” as a gesture of encouragement  between fellow pilgrims along the path.  It imparts the  energetic intention to go with courage toward some “beyond.”  

In the context of this Sagittarius New Moon I am encouraging us to contemplate ultreya.  Sagittarius beckons us to exceed some nameless internal limit.  An inner belief that though it is invisible has none the less has been holding us in thrall.  This inner story that we have forgotten we both created and then powerfully endowed with the meaning that we ourselves gave it.

To be able to go beyond old patterns and behaviors we have to re encode ourselves by rewriting our own stories. 

Sagittarius carries the energy of the quest. It is on a search for meaning. This New Moon  is a nudge from the universe illuminating these  inner stories that need to be rewritten because they have outlived their usefulness and form invisible walls around us.  We all have stories that we tell ourselves about our lives. Stories that we most often deem irrefutable ‘truth.’ These fairy tales cast a spell that forms our assumptions, expectations of ourselves and the world around us.  These narratives often contain the implicit glass ceiling that we have placed upon ourselves in order to remain safe. 

This New Moon is an invitation to go beyond these walls and limits that we ourselves placed in response to having our hearts broken at some point. It is good to remember that a heart that has been broken is also a heart that has been cracked wide open. 

There is a second theory about the true meaning of the word ultreya.  It is believed by some that ultreya means hallelujah.  My wish for you as you set your intentions for this New Moon is that they carry both meanings.  That your intentions carry you beyond and that they also carry the energy of hallelujah, a song of praise.

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