How to best use the energy of this Aquarian New Moon

As I write this we are actively dwelling in the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius.  Even though Aquarius is an air sign–it’s called “the Water Bearer” because have strong historical ties to the cleansing, life-renewing qualities of water.  Culturally for most of history it was commonly believed that we live in an enchanted sentient cosmos. This only changed in the late seventeenth century when the newer modern mindset became seen as more valuable than ancient traditions and perspectives. For the earliest astrologers, the Sun in Aquarius brought the rainy season when water poured from the heavens.   This was when the Nile flooded; the fields were washed clean as life was renewed for another year.  The Romans filled this month with rites of purification, followed by celebrations of the fertility goddess Februata, as they prepared for spring

As I have noted before we, our lives, are always in the process of becoming.  

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 2 Aquarius is “An Unexpected Thunderstorm.” One of the things that is wonderful about thunderstorms is how they clear the air.  Again a cleansing theme seems to be the order of the day. 

Pluto is also aligned with the Sun and Moon and Jupiter is amplifying this energy.  Pluto enjoys to tearing things down to their most elemental level and burning away the unnecessary.  Pluto investigates and uncovers, it is not an energy of building and intentions. I tend to associate him with the Tower Cared in the tarot.  

Rather than setting intentions now it will be more fruitful to delve deeply into what lies below the surface just yearning to come into being.  A time to investigate at what internal clutter needs to be cleared away. 

So I would suggest that your consider journaling to get to what lies below the surface, gain clarity, align  and save your intentions for next month when they can be released like butterflies because as tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, January 22, at 4pm we enter one of the most auspicious periods of the year.  Everything will be direct for a glorious 88 days

When all planetary archetypes are going in the same direction, this suggests that you should do likewise. This is an advantageous time to gather your forces and place your attention on nourishing your dreams as well as aligning your actions in the outer world with this inner reality. 

I offer the writing prompt: What is my deepest desire?

We live in an extraordinary responsive universe. When we honor our connection to it, when we become aware of the correspondences between the planetary movements and our lives we are able to move into a more trusting relationship with life. We profoundly know that we are never really alone but that the ever responsive cosmos is dancing alongside leading us forward. 

Allow your focus to shift towards knowing and understanding what really matters to you. Owning it. 

Then use the magical 88 days ahead to actively create time and space for it within your life.  

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