Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn moves into Pisces

Astrologically Tuesday, March 7th, is a big day within a big month full of change and movement. At 5:40 a.m. MST (7:40 a.m. EST/ 4:40 PST) there is a full Moon in Virgo and less than an hour later at 6:34 a.m. Saturn enters Pisces where he will remain through February of 2026.

I took this image of the Moon this morning, March 6, shortly before sunrise in Sedona. It was hauntingly beautiful to me and very symbolic of the precise we are standing on collectively. It brought to mind Prospero’s famous quote in Shakespeare’s The Tempest “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

And ironically with the positioning of the clouds, the Moon also reminded me of Saturn.

Having Saturn poised at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Aquarius, which seriously is at the last breath of Aquarius, during this Full Moon is significant. I look at this and think, ok, if that is not a loud blinking sign to adjust I don’t know what would be. For example, any planet at 29 degrees in Horary astrology (which looks at a distinct question with eerie accuracy and each planet specifically represents a specific person or situation) represents someone (or something) who is about to change. Full moons are related to release and closure. They signify the end of a cycle…and the beginning of something new. Saturn, among other things, deals with the boundaries of our reality. Collectively, we stand at the precipice of something new.

Let’s begin with this Full Moon. When the Moon is Full the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other. In the language of astrology, this is referred to as a polarity. Similar to life, astrological understanding requires reconciling opposites. There are twelve signs and six polarities. Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo Aquarius, and finally Virgo/Pisces.
 We contain all of the signs/polarities within our charts and thus within our lives. Each one is asking us to develop certain qualities. Some may be more emphasized than others but they are all part of our journey. All of them bring wisdom that we can consciously develop.
 For the longest time, the Virgo/Pisces polarity was somewhat mystifying to me. I understood the cookbook definitions but what was it asking from me? From my clients where it was emphasized? In other words, what did it really want? 
 Both signs have the idea of serving or suffering associated with them. But serving what?

On many levels, I often feel that Virgo is the zodiac’s most misunderstood sign. It has had a bad rap, often associated with anal, fanatically neat personalities…perfectionism. And the dark side of Virgo can certainly go there.

Virgo is a sign connected with discernment. With assimilation. At its best Virgo desires that we focus on what is right and removes, essentially decluttering, what isn’t necessary to the whole. Virgo yearns to bring order out of chaos. Virgo is about becoming aware of the details and consciously choosing. Used well it helps us focus and direct our energy allowing us to do the work necessary to bring our creations into being. It is the vessel.
 For Pisces on the other hand it is easy (natural) to experience the all. Boundless, it senses everything. It is full of compassion and creativity and yearns for connection with everything it senses. And it can get lost in all that boundless possibility, experiencing disillusionment not quite knowing how to connect this vision to everyday reality, and feeling overwhelmed as a result. 
 It needs the polarity of Virgo to bring all this boundlessness into being. Pisces needs focus, Virgo needs inspiration and compassion, and together they feed each other. Virgo is the vessel that is the receptacle of the universe’s (Pisces) boundless creative energy so that it can be contained and focused. Without the compassion and vision of Pisces, the vessel is empty. 
 While this just scratches the surface, here is one of the more powerful ways that you can use to look at this polarity: Wherever Virgo/Pisces lies in your chart you are being asked to consciously look at what you are devoted to and then to focus how you demonstrate that in the actual nuts and bolts of everyday life. In other words, how do you make your visions a reality?

This brings us to Saturn entering Pisces.

Saturn always, always wants us to take responsibility for ourselves. Saturn, both where he lays personally in our natal chart and what part of our life/chart he is moving through currently, is about mastery. He too gets a bad rap. Saturn has no space for being a victim. He essentially says “Grow up and take agency, move into your power and claim your place in life….but do it wisely.” Saturn rules linear time and knows we have no time to waste. As you can see I am quite fond of him, despite the fact that he has unceremoniously prodded me along as I dragged my feet more times than I can count.

Linear time, rules, structure, discipline, and our bones are all things Saturn loves and Pisces represents the boundless. Pisces is mainly concerned with timelessness, creativity, visions, and flow.

How do these seemingly disparate things blend?

In Pisces, Saturn invites us to make our visions a reality.

He asks us to consider “How do we go about balancing the polarities with our lives and ourselves?”

Consciously or unconsciously we are all devoted/committed to certain things within our lives. If you are not sure what you are or have been devoted to simply take a good look around at the details of your daily life. Those details will reflect the current commitments you have, both consciously and unconsciously. Life will reflect back to you who you are being. Then it is up to you to choose and practice (Virgo) who and what you are going to serve. You can either serve the greater vision or your insecurities (Pisces). 
 Consciousness is the substance between the matter of dreams or nightmares. Saturn in Pisces is asking us to pay deep attention to everything. Pisces is connected with our imaginations with the arts. Pisces is also connected with our beliefs and our addictions. Whether they be something as obvious as drug and alcohol usage or something less obvious as our daily habits: in other words, we do all things unconsciously without thinking about them. The things we use as a type of escapism. With Saturn in Pisces, we are being asked to determine whether our habits actually nourish us and if they aren’t to let go of them and develop those that do. And I promise you if these things we are so addicted to aren’t serving our greater self Saturn will create situations that feel intolerable to help you adjust.

As I write this I am reminded of this statement: Before enlightenment: Chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment: Chop Wood and Carry Water. To master Saturn in Pisces you must serve the greater vision that you carry within and do the necessary work to make it a reality. Try to think of it as your soul’s genetic code, its energy is directed towards blooming into a deeper more profound expression of itself. We might see Saturn in Pisces as the soul’s immune system fighting the viruses of habits and escapism that is a danger to its development.

 As I write this I am reminded of the statement -Before enlightenment: Chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment: Chop Wood and Carry Water. To master Saturn in Pisces you must serve the greater vision that you carry within.

Astrologically we are all made up of the same twelve signs, the same 10 planets, and the same twelve houses. we are all made up of the same archetypal quintessence. Our interconnection is reflected through our charts, though we have different proportions arranged in different manners simultaneously reflecting our uniqueness. This also seems very Virgo/Pisces to me.

Use this Virgo Moon to begin taking stock of what is no longer serving you and release it. Declutter your closets, reorganize your kitchen, go through your books, and shred documents you no longer need. Make space. A new reality is on the horizon.



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