Full Moon in Libra: Finding The Balance Between Love And War.

Full Moon in Libra

Wednesday, April 5 at 9:34 pm PDT/ Thursday, April 6 at 12:34 am EDT

Moon at 16.07 Libra, Sun at 16.07 Aries

In astrology, the opposition between Aries and Libra is the quintessential archetype that all of the other polarities are based upon.  The 1st and the 7th sign, represent both the balance of self and other as well as the mirror on the wall; the parts of ourselves we project and see in the other because we can’t see them in ourselves. The archetype/planet that rules Aries is Mars and Venus is represented by Libra (once again the glyph for Venus is literally symbolic of a hand mirror) 

This Full Moon is complex.  Chiron, whom many know as the wounded healer, is sitting on one side of the Sun exalted in Aries, and Jupiter, who frankly just amplifies energy, is sitting on the other. Venus, ruler of this particular Moon is traveling alongside Uranus, the planet of disruption. 

Let’s unpack this a bit.  

It’s dramatic.  Which, of course, on a certain level all Full Moons are…yet Aries often feels compelled to rush in where angels fear to tread. I look at the Chiron energy and it feels like this can basically play out in one of two manners.  We can get caught up in our wounds, and our reactivity losing sight of the bigger picture or we can lean into our wisdom.  It’s funny, Chiron is so renowned for his woundedness yet that was one little piece of who he was in myth.  

Chiron was the maker of heroes.  He tutored Achilles, Hercules, and Jason of the Argonauts.  And not just in the art of war but also in the medicinal arts, poetry, music, and hunting.  He shared his wisdom with them and heroes longed to apprentice themselves to him.  Chiron was wise.  This is the essence of one possibility with this Full Moon, to listen acutely, discern, and use insight as we step forward.

All that impulsive Aries energy (Chiron, the Sun, and Jupiter respectively) is looking across at that Libra Moon reminding us to slow down and connect, to use honey instead of vinegar. Both with ourselves and others. 

And perhaps, to be receptive to the revelations that arise from within.  

As I mentioned above Venus is in charge of this Full Moon in Libra and she is sitting right next to Uranus, both of them in Taurus.  We have had an astonishing amount of archeological discoveries since Uranus firmly entered Taurus in early 2019.  Relics from the past that have been buried below are rising to the surface. It is a beautiful metaphor for what we are experiencing currently both personally and collectively. 

Fragments from our earlier life dramatically color our experience when they lay there unexamined. This Moon holds an invitation to do a little digging, To look in the mirror and consider just one pattern that keeps ‘magically’ reappearing within our life that we would dearly love to transform.  

It brings to mind the Rumi quote,  “Where ever your stand, be the soul of that place.”  

When we say something has soul we are appreciating its depth. The ability it has to move us, to open us to a new place within that resonates profoundly.  When something (or someone)  has soul it is an agent of change. 

On a personal level being the soul of where you live is to come from this place.  it is about profoundly grounding ourselves such that we can come from our heart, our core.   And then listening to the messages we receive and trusting them. Valuing them. Otherwise, on a certain level, we are constantly at war with ourselves, and others.  When we are at war with ourselves we are steeped in self-doubt.  It is exhausting.  It is playing small.  And as Marianne Williamson said in A Return To Love “Your playing small does not serve the world…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

The messages we receive from our hearts are essentially the voice of our soul speaking to us. We must learn to value them and treat them like buried treasures. There is a reason your soul is singing a particular song.  Trusting the voice of our soul is trusting magnetic north in the compass of your life.  It is what is leading us home, to our place of belonging.  And our particular music plays a melody that’s intrinsic to the symphony of the greater world around us. Dancing to the anthem playing within our hearts and soul is how we serve the world. 

Serving this world is the core of how we truly become the hero (Aries)of our own story.   Listening to our hearts is how we step up and take our rightful place in the world. It’s how we keep the peace. It’s how we liberate both ourselves and others. 


Ritual for this Libra Full Moon


Begin by creating a space that invites peace.  Light a candle.  Smudge or light a stick of incense.  If you like bring some fresh flowers into the room where you plan on doing this ritual.  Libra appreciates aesthetics.  The setting is important. If you desire you can include some background music in this ritual.

Once you have done this take a seat, get comfortable and close your eyes.  Then go within and just listen, simply being receptive to what arises. Become aware of your heart.  What is it whispering that you may have been avoiding hearing?  That's been drowned out by the noise of your life?   Breathe deeply into this space.   Be receptive, and open to yourself.  Then from this space envision yourself filled with peace and surrounded by love. When you are ready come back to your center, into your body, into this room in time and space and open your eyes.  Take some time to journal your findings. 









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