Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Expect the Unexpected

Friday morning at a lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio takes place making this a supercharged full Moon.  Amplifying the full Moon’s power, and during a Mercury Retrograde, emotions might run high as unanticipated things occur.  Eclipses, both solar and lunar,  often bring unexpected messages and events, things seemingly occurring out of the blue. Lunar eclipses, no matter which of the signs they are located in, are associated with endings.  

This eclipse, the end of a cycle that began two years ago in November of 2021, and by being located in the sign Scorpio there is an even further emphasis upon release; Scorpio opposite to Taurus (the season of spring and new beginnings) takes place during the time of year when the trees are shedding their leaves. It is the season of All Hallows Day (Halloween) and Día de los Muertos when we honor those who have passed.  

Perhaps said more succinctly: In medical astrology, Scorpio rules our bowels. The area of our body where we literally let go of what doesn’t nourish us. 

Additionally, Uranus the planetary archetype of the unexpected is aligned with the Sun in Taurus magnifying the energy. 

Those of you with placements from 11- 19 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) will feel this eclipse most personally and deeply.

Among many other things, the Moon symbolizes our sense of belonging, our sense of home.  A time of mystery and magic, a lunar eclipse often brings to head issues that have been simmering beneath the surface both of our individual consciousness and lives for quite some time. Revealing what has been previously hidden from our view, it is a time to be gentle and nourishing with ourselves, to accept those parts of ourselves that we may have banished into an unknown hidden region of our unconscious.  As with any planetary movement that directly impacts us the key is to move with the flow rather than resist the tide of change.  And let’s be real most often we don’t really have any choice in the matter where eclipses are concerned.  

Sadly, this time, I am going to use my chart as an example of the unexpected arising.  This eclipse profoundly impacts my natal chart, involving my Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. 

As I noted above, the Moon involves home and family and in my chart, Mercury happens to be in charge of the house(area) of the chart associated with pets. Neptune tends to dissolve things away and rules among other things drowning. 

I have at the time of this writing three pets the youngest of which is 13.  I have been anticipating the potential transition of the older two over the next year or so.  One, my dog is 15, and the other, one of my cats, is 17.  

My 13-year-old Psyche was just galloping playfully through the house last week and seemed the healthiest of the three. Yesterday, she suddenly had an elevated rate of breath and my first thought was that she had swallowed something. It seemed to be somewhat intermittent so I took a wait-and-see attitude and then this morning when it reoccurred I took her to the vet.  And was shocked. Her lungs are full of fluid. She isn’t in any pain, she is still eating and drinking she just really can’t breathe and there isn’t anything medically that can be done. And she will make her transition tomorrow at her home where she is loved. 

It is a time to remember that nothing is quite as it seems and to look below the surface. Scorpio is also full of magic and mystery and asks us to understand the true nature of our power.  

And keep in mind that though Lunar eclipses often end something, they also mark the beginning of something new as well. Scorpio perceives the things that lie below the surface. 

Though they are infamous for “eclipsing something out” most of the time endings will not happen immediately, they are more a preview of what develops over the course of the next six months.  At the very least a lunar eclipse is a time to let go of what is no longer serving you. 

It is a very Taurusy Taurus season, I will write in more depth about that next week but for the purposes of this eclipse, and as Taurus and Scorpio are endlessly interrelated, I give you this thought:  Taurus is connected with our resources. The things that provide supply…yet sometimes we become attached to something believing that it is a resource that in reality is draining us (Scorpionic end of the polarity).  This could be a job or profession, a relationship, or even simply a way of being in the world. 

What have you been living in the shadow of?

And keep in mind that though Lunar eclipses often end something, they also mark the beginning of something new as well.

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