Courting The Wild Twin During Gemini Season

One of the many ways to consider the sky is to look at it through the lens of the sign we are moving through, viewing it as a season within our lives.  A time, in this case, a month, to direct our attention toward a particular focus.  

Gemini is a sign known for communication. For me, much of the core of this lies within the process of listening.  

Our experience of life moves so very quickly.  I mean, come on doesn’t it feel a bit shocking that it is essentially June already?  

In this rushed pace that we move through life, it often can feel like we can barely catch up and take a  deep breath.  Ironically this too lies within the realm of Gemini; in medical astrology, Gemini rules the lungs. 

Through the act of deliberate listening, particularly to ourselves,  we can achieve, over time, one of the core needs of Gemini.  To discover (or perhaps rediscover) our true voice. 

Sometimes it can feel like the inspiration within our lives has dried up.  In truth,  we are the ones who too often have stopped listening.  We have become distracted. And in that distraction we find ourselves rushing through our daily lives.  We only live, and embody, part of who we truly are, the role in which we have become comfortable. Our other self, Gemini’s infamous twin, has gone to ground.  We have essentially abandoned the wild twin within.  The one who didn’t receive a lot of positive reinforcement from the world around us.  Within this wildness…there lies our inner voice with profound connections to our larger self.

As Martin Shaw said in Courting The Wild Twin “The wild twin is not unique to me; you have one, everyone has one. That’s the message from the old stories. That the day you were born, a twin was thrown out the window, sent into exile. That it wanders the woods and the prairies and the cities, lonely in its whole body for you. It rooms in abandoned houses in South Chicago. Someone saw her once on a Dorset beach in winter. They are always asking after you…I believe that in the labour of becoming a human, you have to earnestly search this character out, as it has something crucial for you with it. It has your life’s purpose tucked up in its pocket. If there was something you were here to do in these few, brief years, you can be sure that the wild twin is holding the key.”

This is one of the many mysteries of Gemini.  The twin, the other within us that must be acknowledged and fed.  And again, even if it is not emphasized within your chart, we all contain all twelve signs.  The house with Gemini on the cusp  ( and of course any Gemini planetary placements)will show you where you need to cultivate your hidden self. 

The primary myth associated with Gemini is the story of Castor and Pollux.  One twin who is mortal, one who is immortal.  Castor, the mortal one is killed and Pollux goes and pleads for his brother's life because he knows he cannot fully live without his other half.  Now a deal is stuck where only one can live at a time, so they split their life but the larger point is that they need each other, just as we need all of ourselves. 

The wild twin rolls the dice a little. Without eros, without risk, there’s no culture worth making. So this is a dangerous business, calling out to these brooding, exiled energies. But truth be told, it’s far, far more dangerous not to.

Gemini represents the duality within all of us, dark Gemini is when we become locked into only one view of ourselves and life.  

As many have said we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.  To embrace Gemini season is to embrace all of ourselves, both our higher self and our messy human self. By embracing all parts of ourselves, by welcoming them we rediscover our true voice rather than mimicking the values and ideals of others.  We feel at home both with ourselves and the world.

The wild twin rolls the dice a little. Without eros, without risk, there’s no culture worth making. So this is a dangerous business, calling out to these brooding, exiled energies. But truth be told, it’s far, far more dangerous not to.

All of the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius yearn for connection. Think of it this way, the air we breathe connects all of us.  It is what gives us life. Breath is both literally and metaphorically what connects both our inner and outer worlds.    

As Brene Brown said, “Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”  

My suggestion is to make some time between now and this Saturday,  June 3, when the Full Moon appears to listen to the wild twin within.  This can be done through walking in nature, journaling,  or listening to music.  One suggestion, if you use music don’t multitask.  Just be still and listen, fully give it your attention.  I will note however that dancing is a type of embodied listening

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