Full Moon in Sagittarius: Let your spirit roam


Night consciousness, represented by the Moon, a light astrologically, (metaphorically our inner world) is different from the light of the day.  Things aren’t as clear. We dream at night.  Living in Sedona where night skies are magnificent in their brilliance we know our vision must focus differently at night. Edges are softer, you can’t see as clearly, and during a New Moon the stars are so bright it is shocking the first time you see them.  I can still remember a visiting friend stopping mid-sentence as we were driving up from Phoenix exclaiming “Oh my God, I have never seen stars like this.” 

Full Moons are different, they are so bright it literally looks like the old black-and-white Hollywood Westerns.  You can see for miles. Spiritually, Full Moons shine a light on matters within that are often obscured in darkness, it’s part of their emotionality.  It’s why they keep you awake at night.   They are asking you to reflect on something that is not normally seen so clearly.

This particular Moon, in lively Sagittarius,  reflecting light from the Gemini Sun urges us to look within and ask, what beliefs do we have that no longer serve us?  What dreams and yearnings inside have been waiting to be born that our limited viewpoint is preventing us from pursuing?  Where would we like to travel either literally or metaphorically?

If you are having trouble figuring that out simply look around.  Our lives, or at the very least the possibilities that we feel are available to us are a reflection of our beliefs.  The dark side of Sagittarius is that it can become pretty self-righteous and defensive about its beliefs.  Even when they aren’t serving them any longer. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign.  The element of fire is the imaginal realm. Fire informs us what is at the heart of our being. Fire is where we find the spark within ourselves and ignite our being. 

The invitation is to use the reflected Gemini light (The best of Gemini is its curiosity)  to explore the confined areas where your life has grown too small, or where you’re asking too little of yourself for in all likelihood this  Sagittarius Full Moon will be stirring up a profound sense of restlessness.  Sagittarius likes some space to roam.

Now is the time to begin to breathe life into these yearnings.  To fire up your inspiration, harness the brave optimistic journeying quality of the Archer, muster up the courage to expand your horizon, and take a leap of faith that has been beckoning.

As Hellenistic Greek philosopher Plotinus said “Everything breathes together” and to me the way that I see this reflected in the world around me is breathtaking. 

This weekend in the midst of all of this firey energy let us draw in a deep breath and be kind.  To ourselves, to each other, both those who are near and dear to us and those we don’t know.  As I noted earlier, the dark side of Sagittarius is becoming righteous about your point of view. Becoming fanatical.  Actor Charlie Sheen has the South Node in Sagittarius,  and we all remember his breakdown and claims of having tiger blood.  And I can certainly see these traits in myself when I get on my high horse.  Not only towards others but also towards myself when I have not lived up to some inner idealized version of myself that I am trying to match. 

The universe revealed through the symbolism of astrology moves together in what I view as a glorious intricate dance.  It is no accident that we are being asked to release beliefs both conscious and unconscious that no longer serve us as we head into a Venus retrograde in Leo (another fire sign)over the summer which I believe asks us to get clear about what is at the core of our desires and how we truly wish to be seen.   We are being guided along our path, we always have been.  We simply have to be willing to listen.

Meditation Ritual for the Sagittarius Eclipse

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Become aware of your breath.  There is no need to alter the rhythm of your breath, simply notice it moving in and out a living connection to the world around you.   Gradually bring your awareness to your body, feeling your connection to the earth.  Envision yourself as rooted and receiving nourishment from her loving presence. Imagine her energy embracing you, offering you a sense of being safe, secure, rooted, and belonging. Let any anxiety or stress simply melt away as you take in her nurturing energy that is the essence of love. Notice any thoughts or judgments that arise and imagine them transforming into blooming flowers through the power of the nourishment that they are receiving from the earth. As you settle in breathe deeply and imagine the energy of the Sun and the moon pouring themselves into you filling you with the visionary energy of Sagittarius. Let the energy cascade into you  as you envision that you begin to glow with a golden light that fills you with warmth.  Then ask yourself from this aware, sacred space what new possibilities can I imagine?  Listen deeply without judgment.  Remain curious and open.  Hold a friendly heart towards the possibilities that arise. Allow yourself to be inspired.  And when you are ready come back into your body and take a moment to journal capturing your experience and bringing it into this world by putting pen to paper. 




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