New Moon in Gemini: Attuning to your natural rhythm

Each month as the Moon moves from new to full and back again we are witnessing the symbolic microcosm of the cycle of death and rebirth. The dark Moon is gestational in nature, the fertile void, pregnant with possibility,  we are in essence invited to set our intentions for the cycle ahead. 

The Moon is always in motion, ever-changing from evening to evening. 

Change is one of the great dreams that we all share. We long for our limitations, our sense of being stuck, or where we find ourselves in sorrow or despair to shift.  Isn’t that in essence why we set intentions at the New Moon, or even the New Year?  We are trying to call in change. 

The beauty of nature is that it takes its time, nothing is rushed.  Seasons ebb and flow within a natural rhythm of emergence all part of a larger cycle. 

Our lives also have their natural timing and rhythm. 

Gemini, the sign of this New Moon is one of four mutable signs.  Historically these signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces were also known as the moveable signs. They place as the season change.  Currently, we are just about a week away from the Summer Solstice which officially marks the transformation of spring into summer. 

A threshold is crossed. 

The Gemini archetype is known for its dual nature. Endlessly curious Gemini energy craves options. Exploratory and full of multiplicity by nature, Gemini is the querent rather than the oracle. It both asks and listens, potentially learning through this process how to reconcile seeming opposites.  Things that are the mirror image of the other. 

There is an aspect of Gemini's archetypal ‘twin’ consciousness that is often overlooked. In Greek myth twins Castor and Pollux,  also known as the Dioscuri, are forever immortalized when the mortal twin is killed in battle and the immortal twin goes to his father, Zeus/Jupiter because he feels he cannot live without him and they strike as a bargain; that from that moment forward they alternated each day, one twin brother being alive, the other dead and then vice-versa the next day.  

This theme originated in Babylonian myth, here the Great Twins of Gemini guard one of the two entrances to the underworld, in particular, the route new souls use to rise to the world of the living.   

The cycle of death and rebirth, the cycle of change is the essence of Gemini. 

Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon is the God of Thresholds. 

To truly use the experience of this New Moon in Gemini we must realize we are being invited to cross a threshold and move into a new season. Something is ripening. 

Ask yourself:  At which threshold am I now standing?  At this time in my life what a I leaving behind? 

If you slow and center yourself just a bit, versus getting distracted by the busyness of everyday life, you can feel the shift within the air, within the light that surrounds you.  Even if you haven’t consciously paused and taken this in, take a moment and listen; you can feel the change afoot. 

The season is changing.

As John O’Donohue said, “To acknowledge and cross a new threshold is always a challenge.  It demands courage and a sense of trust in what is emerging.”

Wherever we find ourselves at this moment in time, this Gemini New Moon illuminates this recollection of a timeless truth: The wheel of life is always moving.  Our lives are always in motion, dancing to an ever-mysterious rhythm of change that at its core, like the Moon, affects the emotional tides within each of us. Gemini reminds us to be in awe of the enchanting beauty of this.  The best of Gemini is to always be listening to our lives from a place of discovery.

The Moon moves quickly, she is ever-changing, as we all are.  But amid daily life, of crisis, we forget that our lives mirror the seasons of nature and have their natural rhythm. This New Moon is a reminder that our lives are in a constant cycle of change;  death and rebirth.  It is profoundly important that we remain open to that ever-changing cycle rather than become resigned or cynical about our current circumstances. To reconcile those varying parts that vie for attention within us.  To cultivate being open and receptive to the possibility of change, even when things that break our hearts seem hopeless.  Everything ripens and the season is changing. 

A Ritual For the New Moon in Gemini:


I invite you to complete this meditation before setting any intentions for the New Moon

Allow yourself to create a sacred space.  This can be done in whatever manner feels centering to you.  Light a candle, take a bath, and give yourself some fresh flowers.  All that matters is for this brief period in time you are creating a space of holy sanctuary for yourself.  

From this place, take a seat, get centered, and being to breathe deeply.  Place your attention on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Breath connects us with the universe. Be patient with this and allow your energy to settle fully. You don’t need to do anything to alter or shift how you are breathing, simply be present and witness the process as air moves in and then out of your body.   Then, after you feel yourself becoming more embodied within the moment. begin to consciously breathe in wonder.  Come from a place of discovery and possibility.  On the in-breath breathe in wonder, on the out-breath breathe out gratitude until you find yourself in a place of stillness.  Allow yourself to savor this quiet place within before you re-emerge back into this moment in time. Take the time to journal and integrate your experience being open to both the questions and answers that arise. 

From this newly born space create your intention for this next lunar cycle. 



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