Full Moon in Capricorn: What is worth your time and attention?

Full Moon in Capricorn

Monday, July 3, 2023

4:38 am PDT/7:38 am EDT

Moon at 11:18 Capricorn/Sun at 11:18 Cancer

Early tomorrow  Monday,  July 3,  a Supermoon in the sign of Capricorn will light up the sky. This Moon is the first of four back-to-back supermoons amplifying our next lunations. 

In astrology, the Sun and the Moon are known as the lights respectively representing both our outer and inner worlds.  During a full Moon, the lights are powerfully mirroring each other.  The Moon is fully reflecting the Sun, hopefully giving us the chance to shine a little clarity into our lives.  

Full Moons present a monthly (and on occasion, twice monthly) invitation to take stock and reflect.  To find a bit of balance. Full Moons are the time of the month when deeply seated feelings and dreams are more visible and a Supermoon is even more potent.  Consider that even the tides are moved by a Full Moon’s power and our body is 70% water.  

This particular Full Moon is in Capricorn a sign that loves strategy, and plans and is driven to build.  Pragmatic in tone, this lunation is an invitation to reflect upon how to bring your dreams out of the realm of imagination and into reality. What steps can you take?  Even small ones, well especially small ones.  Capricorn knows that small things done again and again over time lead to the mountaintop.  What small step could you consistently take toward a cherished dream?   

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is also given dominion over time.  One of the most important steps toward our dreams is to let go of ideas, opinions, habits…basically places that we dwell that aren’t worthy of our time. 

Let the reflected light of this Full Moon softly illuminate where you are wasting your time by reassessing where you are in the journey of 2023.  Are you still in alignment with the magic you dreamed of at the beginning of the year or have you become distracted?  Where are you devoting your time and attention?  Are you making time for what truly nourishes you and is tugging on your heartstrings?

Life moves so very quickly. Blink and it will be 2024. 

What direction are you moving?

As you know, I believe that what your soul yearns for, what is pulling you forward, is no accident. You were intentional, your life was intentional. It is an intricate part of the greater whole.  And when you align with that through conscious awareness (attention and intention to start)…wow! You actively begin to have a felt experience of the Universe’s active care for you. 

Ritual /Meditation for the Capricorn Full Moon:  

Allow yourself to settle and begin by focusing on your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  Gradually imagine the base of your spine, your root chakra,  as the roots of a tree and follow its trunk up your spine imagining branches bursting out of your crown chakra at the top of your head.  Feel the soil nourishing the roots sending energy up into the branches as they stretch up into the sky.  The roots represent your inner vision and dreams, and the branches show them manifesting into physical reality. Allow yourself to imagine what it feels like to take nourishment from the earth.  How does it feel moving up through your root system and throughout your branches as you yearn for the sky?   How does this endless grounded source of support feel?  Gradually imagine leaves beginning to sprout and envision them flowering, moving to fruit that gradually ripens as you breathe in and out in the following rhythm: On the next inhale imagine that you are taking in nourishment from the sky above and then sending it down into the roots on the exhale, hold as you gather energy from the earth and then inhale fully drawing in nourishment from the earth up through the roots on your next inhalation.  Exhale sending it up through the branches then hold and once again on the inhale draw in energy from the universe.  After you complete a few cycles as you draw up energy from the earth feel it spreading up into the branches that then blossom and fruit in response, feel the interconnected cycle and your connection to it.   Imagine this practice aligning your inner world and outer world, fueling them with purpose. Allow yourself to feel an invisible creative web of support that is always there. Stay centered on this as you come back into the room.  Draw a deep breath before opening your eyes. 


















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