Mars Cazimi in Scorpio: Burning Away What Weighs Us Down


Mars Cazimi in Scorpio

11/17 9:42 pm PST/ 11/18 1:42 am EST

There is an innate wildness within all of us.  A way of moving, a pulse, that silently draws us forward. An instinctive knowing that seemingly, inexplicably draws us along our path. It knows what it knows.  Birds and butterflies migrate thousands of miles using this instinct.  This soul’s call will not be tamed and put in an appropriate box simply because our ‘logic’ demands it.  When we futilely attempt to cage ourselves it erupts in some version of s soul sickness.   This is the power of Mars in your chart.  It is instinctual.  

Tomorrow, November 17, 2023, or early in the morning of the 18th if you are on the East Coast, an auspicious and rare Mars Cazimi in Scorpio takes place.  When a planet moves to the exact same degree as the Sun, it’s considered to be “cazimi,”  in the heart of the Sun’s life-giving power,  and its expression is illuminated and magnified.

Cazimis are always auspicious moments in time but this one is exceptionally potent and rare.   While Mars moves into Cazimi every two years, the last time we had a Mars Cazimi in Scorpio was November 8, 1991. 

This is the first Mars Cazimi in Scorpio of the twenty-first century. 

The alchemical nature of this Mars Cazimi in Scorpio offers an invitation for a fiery rebirth. Mars in Scorpio is a home with itself. 

To understand the nature of Mars consider this: When we are truly inspired, we are set in motion, in many ways Mars is our inspiration in action.  Mars symbolizes our will.  Our Mars acts as the embodiment of our inspiration.

Representing our inner warrior, Mars, both by sign and house placement in our natal chart, points us in the direction of how and where we are developing courage over the course of this lifetime. It illuminates what motivates us on a core level.  Your Mars sign describes how you do things.

If I have a favorite sign it is Scorpio, which doesn’t even figure prominently within my own chart.  Yet I find Scorpio’s depth and passion mesmerizing. Scorpio is never superficial. Never.   It is focused, probing, and intense. Full of mystery and magic, Scorpio guides our relationship with the “other side” the invisible worlds hidden from ordinary view.   

If there is anything that Scorpio cannot tolerate it is stagnation and this Cazimi is poised to bring revelations that may easily shake the ground beneath your feet. Wherever Scorpio lies within your chart is being illuminated by this Cazimi.  This is where you are being asked to surrender your current form, to let get-go so that this area of your life can be reborn.  The Phoenix rising from the ashes is Scorpionic in nature. 

We often tend to focus on the beauty of the rising, forgetting that the rising doesn’t occur on its own but is part of a larger equally beautiful cycle that first contains the experience of burning everything to ash and releasing the known. Without the initiation of the flames setting us afire, how will we release the gravity of what has been weighing us down so that we are actually able to rise?

In Fairy tales, the forest symbolizes the wild place that lies beyond the safety of the known where transformation can occur.  To truly live the Scorpion energy within our charts, to transfigure at our deepest levels, we have to be willing to relinquish control and run into the forest. To truly experience a metamorphosis within our lives we are called to place our trust in the unknown.  To reconnect with our wild selves. 

When we consciously enter the forest and enter it willingly knowing that we will come out changed,  both in ways we imagined and not, we are acting from the best of Scorpio. This act requires both trust and bravery. It requires that we make ourselves exquisitely vulnerable by lowering our defenses and moving past our cynicism about what is possible for ourselves and our lives. 

What can you let go of that you’ve been hanging onto?

What do you need to release to make room for the new?

When we release “the dead” we create more space within our life.  When we release we invite new “life” in from the universe.   

As Rainer Maria Rilke said, “Our deepest fears are like dragons, guarding our deepest treasure.” 

This Cazimi symbolizes the beginning of a new Mars cycle.  It potentially carries the gift of epiphany.   Use it to burn away the dross and clarify where you need to breathe deeply, trust, and surrender.  


A Mars Cazimi reboot ritual for desire and focus. 


Rituals are about honoring the moment. We create rituals to honor some part of ourselves, to bring presence to the moment. 

During this Mars Cazimi light a candle, take a moment to ground and center yourself, and then gaze into the shadowed hidden parts within.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself “What do I need to release?” Then pause and listen. Wait.  Let all of the known, expected possibilities arise. Then take another deep breath, go deeper, and ask again.  Don’t rush yourself, there will be an inner click of recognition when you arrive.  Allow yourself to be surprised.   Then repeat the process again only this time ask “What is my deepest desire?”


When you have finished close by creating a new intention revealed from the depths within. 





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