Valentine's Day 2024: Love Roller Coaster

This Tuesday, February 13, Mars moves into Aquarius, aligning with Pluto. This aspect perfects on the following day; Valentine’s Day.  The Ohio Players song Love Rollercoaster springs to mind. The middle of this week might be a bit bumpy.   

In modern astrology, Pluto is viewed as the higher octave of Mars.  (Let me acknowledge, that traditional astrologers view this differently.)Mars and Pluto are in collusion with one another. They speak the same language.  They go after what they want.

Alice Bailey made the first mention of Mars as the ‘agent’ of Pluto in her book on esoteric astrology.  Evolutionary astrologer, Jeff Green picked up on this and elaborated on it in his two books on Pluto. When it comes down to it, what we desire and how we go about fulfilling those desires is the ultimate trial of the evolution of consciousness, and is intimately tied in Mars, and Pluto.  In many ways, they are innately in partnership with one another.

Pluto God of the Underworld rules our subconscious.  His messages are found within the shadows, they speak in our dreams, erupt in emotions that arise from deep within, and in many ways can be mirrored in the patterns we find ourselves tracing within our lives again and again. The actions (Mars) we instinctually take are often driven by Plutonian complexes.  These constellations of consciousness, that don’t serve us,  are what this archetypal energy is helping us to transform.  Whenever a planet encounters Pluto profound insight is to be found, yet these insights often arise through power struggles, either with ourselves or others.

How can you have a power struggle with yourself?

Think about the times you are pulled in opposite directions, usually a conflict between head and heart.  This is an example of an internal power struggle. And very often the power struggles we are having with others in our lives reveal an internal skirmish with ourselves and how we think life should be.  As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

One example of this could be the idea that you are not where you should be in life. Whilst Pluto is in Aquarius this is a field we will be doing battle on again and again. 

On the other hand, the time these two are in cahoots mid-week also can allow you to deeply focus and shift an area of your life where you have felt like you are treading water. This is an area you need to realign your intentions. 

When our intentions are for personal gain at the expense of the soul, we find ourselves recreating old patterns, treading water within our lives. When our intentions are in alignment with the soul’s growth and needs, previously unimagined synchronicities arise. Things just seem to line up. Honestly, this is happening all of the time, we most often are blind to their occurrence because we are caught in the labyrinth of our unconscious. 

What this all boils down to–the testing, the fight between the ego and the soul, the delving into the mysteries, the burning down to the essence, and the rebirth from that essence, is the concept of Right Action.  With Right Action, our intentions are aligned with our soul’s journey, and we no longer have to burn ourselves down to the core. This alignment between Pluto’s desire and Mars’s action becomes something indestructible and sacred, a core of energy that cannot be corrupted or destroyed.  We learn to act with the world because we understand that the world is our teacher. We no longer set ourselves outside of it, or against it.  We are at one with it as we know life is happening through us. 

For most of us arriving at this point of mastery is a pilgrimage that takes the full journey of our lifetime. We have moments of flow, followed by moments of feeling like we are swimming in circles. It is all grist for the mill. 

This transit will highlight what we are willing to fight for in love, and life. Where we find ourselves triggered over this period shows us where we to adjust our intentions and choose our battles more wisely.  Take notice of where your impulses are directing your attention. Through this, you can develop a deeper understanding of how you desire to move. By deeply listening instead of reacting we can more fully know what we want to create and experience.  Here we begin to glimpse beyond the veil of our current reality.  To paraphrase Amazing Grace 

“We were blind but now we see.”

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