New Moon in Pisces: The collaboration between dreaming and believing

New Moon in Pisces

March 10, 2024 : 4 AM EST/1 AM PST  

As we approach the Vernal Equinox on March 19, an annual time of new beginnings,  overnight we have a potent and enchanting New Moon in Pisces giving us a very special opportunity to gather our focus and consciously set some powerful intentions for the next six months that can be carried forward through the energy of the Equinox. 

Romantic and magical, where Pisces lies within our charts we long to be connected and belong to something larger than ourselves. Here we often experience a sense of yearning for something more.   Though we often view this through the lens of the outer world, at its core this sense of belonging is an inside job.   When we consciously hold and fan the flame of inner kinship to ourselves and our destiny it is far easier to trust the path that we are on and the power it has to magnetically draw us forward along the greater pathway of our life.   While we will always have to manage the inner critic that says we are somehow both not enough and too much simultaneously when we listen to the inner siren song that calls us forward beyond any so-called logical plan that we have laid out for ourselves previously unimagined doors mysteriously open.  

This New Moon asks us will you let yourself dream?

First, we dream and then we practice believing.  These two faces of Pisces work hand in hand. They collaborate.  We have to let go and trust, which sounds easy but for most of us taking that leap of faith, whether metaphorical or literal takes faith.  Which is a muscle we develop via practice. 

Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign Pisces, was the God of the Ocean.  Neptune is connected to the unconscious, from which dreams, both those we have at night as well as our soul yearnings, arise. He is the principle of higher love, unconditional love, and grace; to dance with Neptune is to know that everything is connected and that anything else is mere illusion. 

Most importantly everything includes us, we are connected.  To each other, to our dreams, and how we move through the world, both implicitly and explicitly is felt by everyone.  In physics, this is the core of Chaos Theory…the infamous Butterly effect which states that when a butterfly moves it wings over Japan it is felt in the air currents in the United States.  To paraphrase Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love,  our playing small doesn’t serve the world. 

When I was little, I remember watching on television Broadway icon Mary Martin playing Peter Pan.  In the middle of the show, Tinkerbell drinks a vial of poison so that Peter won’t and begins to die.  Peter breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the audience, in particular to the children in the audience, and tells us that in order to live Tinkerbell needs us to believe and urges us to clap our hands so she will know.   Of course, even in our living rooms we all wildly clapped and she was revived.  

For me belief was far easier as a child, as an adult I have had to work, to practice.  My family was not comfortable with what I was drawn to as a career path: theatre and astrology.  And like most, I was an expert at internalizing everyone else’s skepticism.  Again and again, I have had to move past my self-doubt and take a leap of faith.  For me, it helps to see it as a practice. 

If we have Neptune heavily emphasized in our chart, as I do, as we evolve we learn through our experiences that we must move beyond our desires and connect with whatever path our soul has chosen.  We sacrifice (aka make sacred) the lesser for the greater knowing that we will be rewarded with a level of understanding that our personality-driven selves could not have known about.  We begin to understand that all of our previous deprivations had to do with getting these lesser desires out of the way, so that we could be initiated into the deeper and higher levels of love and connection.  And at that level, we begin to realize something very important.  That love isn’t an emotion, or an experience, or a state of being. Love is a power.  A connecting power.  It’s the ultimate creative force.  When I began to assimilate this, really viscerally take it in, and then worked at embodying it through practice my world vastly changed and opened. As I attuned to it my perception of everything altered. 

Attunement is connected to merging, to love. 

That’s the power of love, it causes us to open and from there, a new awareness emerges. 

Think about it.  Whatever we pay attention to in our lives, whatever we care about, grows in our consciousness.  What our consciousness registers gets fed back to us in our lives.  That is the power of this New Moon. 

Nothing would be accomplished, nothing created, if it weren’t for love.  To create something, we must first envision it, and the visionary principle belongs to Neptune and its connecting power.  We must love our dreams, our inner vision,  into being. 


Meditation Ritual for this New Moon in Pisces


Find a quiet place to center yourself.  Begin by lighting a candle (you don’t have to do this step but often lighting a candle as we settle supports us in creating a sacred space). 

Settle yourself into a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath releasing it with a gentle sigh…aaaah. As you sigh allow any old tension to flow outward along that sigh. See it carrying it outward into the universe to be released.  Repeat this three times. From here center your attention upon your heart.  Breathe in and out of this place, this center, feeling a growing warmth.   As this warmth expands visualize a golden light, that begins as a small pinprick, and then gradually swells beyond your heart until it lusciously fills your entire body.  Envision warm honey that you are immersed in, bathing you in its sweetness and nourishment to the point that you can even taste its sweetness.  As you  merge with this ambrosia bring your deepest desire (it is ok to just pick one for this exercise and it doesn’t need to be perfect, you can always do this more than once.  Just allow yourself to profoundly attune with one  wish.)  Allow yourself to viscerally experience this connection.  What does it feel like?  What is its aroma?  Imagine that there is even a melodious sound vibrating through you.  Let this sound resonate throughout your being and then gradually return to your center, your heart still feeling the warmth.  Come gently back into your body and when you are ready open your eyes. 

For the next ten days, basically through the Vernal Equinox, playfully be alert for the new being born into your life that was invoked through this exercise. To ground this into your awareness and allow it to continue to expand  I recommend that at the end of each day writing down three synchronicities that have occurred.  


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