Jupiter and Uranus Align: Revolution from Within

At 6:59 am  PDT Friday, April 19th the Sun officially enters Taurus kicking off a season that begins with a bang as the following day (and for all intents and purposes it is already aligned as I write this) Jupiter, the planet of expansion and belief and Uranus, the planet of revolution make a rare alignment at 21° Taurus.  

While Jupiter and Uranus align every 14 years, the last time they met in Taurus was the year 1941.   This cosmic union of energies ushers in a profound period of change.  In 1941 the Great Depression ended. Unions began to rise changing the financial trajectory of the working class with collective bargaining and ultimately creating a strong middle class in this country. 

This is an exciting electric change-producing aspect, both personally and collectively. Creative, boundary-pushing, and innovative this energy offers a window in which to have fresh insights about yourself and your life.  In other words, somewhere in your life, you need to change your view, thus changing your horizons. Where do you need a breakthrough, a different perspective in your life?  

Because this is happening in the sign of Taurus there is a connection to the Venusian archetype.  Venus governs two signs: Taurus and Libra. The essence of the Taurus Venus is worship–we worship what we truly value and vow to maintain it. It is the true meaning of the word ‘husband’–to take care. 

When I envision the essence of Taurus words like abundant, lush, fruitful, rich, and plentiful come to mind.  I can taste it - which is also Taurean. Sensual, embodied, the first of the earth signs, all of which are about making it real: Embodiment.

In myth,  the moment Venus was born she was instantly recognized for who she was, worshiped, adorned, and carried off to Mt. Olympus.  She didn’t need to do anything or pass any test to prove her worth.  Her simply being was enough.  No matter how outrageous her antics ( and let me assure you the Gods of this era were a hot mess) the only time she got in trouble with the other Gods was when she attempted to work.  

The question I have been asking myself is am I embodying my values? Or perhaps more clearly, where in my life do I find it hard to embody and hold space for what profoundly matters to me? Moreover, am I willing to be honest with myself about where in my life I tend to devalue something that matters to me because it seems impossible (meaning beyond my current imaginings)  or disruptive?  

Uranus is a planet connected to individuation, and he will push your boundaries whether they be conscious or unconscious.  The old rules of order will no longer suffice. And most likely, in the area of your chart that is being activated by this transit, they haven’t been sufficient for a while.  As Joseph Cambell said “ If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take.”  It’s time to tear up the old road map and pioneer a new one. Whose values are you defining yourself and your life by?  Or perhaps whose values are you confining your life by?

The quality of this time offers insights and unexpected quantum leaps into a reenvisioned future but we have to do the work. We have to be willing to shift (and sometimes if we are the universe ‘helps’ us) and own that true shifts come from within.  That’s where change is both gestated and then born.  Your circumstances transform when you do the inner work.  This in essence is how you rebirth yourself. You have to be willing to change the stories that you are defining your life by however, this first step is to own the story you are currently living. You have to accept where you are in the present moment.  That’s where the power is that carries you forward.  

Taurus makes things real and tangible. It is the sign that takes the initial spark of an idea by Aries and brings it into form.  And while this union between Uranus and Jupiter is exact on Saturday, this moment reverberates in both the months and years ahead. 

This year there is an amplification of Taurus energy.  We are being asked to be and to thrive. To recognize the beauty of who we are in our essence without doing anything, any work on ourselves as we all carry Venus within us. To enjoy our embodiment and to know the earth, our incarnated being, sustains us  To be aware of our resources (and individually our greatest resource is ourselves) To care for ourselves simply because we are. We don’t need any improvement, there is nothing wrong with us and we don’t need to be fixed. What we need is to be husbanded, to be cared for.  

We are being asked to husband ourselves. 

Ask yourself and explore "What do I really want?” 

Getting to the core of what you really want, truly assessing that, is a very complex thing for many if not most of us. While we might know there is never an external solution to an internal dilemma, it is still challenging when we have to let go of the unconscious expectations we have placed upon the outside world for fulfillment because feeling an embodied sense of satisfaction and completeness is an inside job. 

There is no perfect career,  partner, or place that will completely nourish our desires.  In other words, wherever you go there you are.   So, as we evolve we have to let go of the conscious and unconscious roles we have been playing that maintain our own fixed state.  We have to be brave enough to let go of the familiar, the comfortable. We must be willing to release the past ând its continual influence upon us. We have to be willing to not “know” ourselves but instead to discover who we are in this moment,  to embrace how we are evolving. To actually welcome, rather than fear, this emerging unfamiliar part of ourselves, which is the heart of receptivity. As Einstein stated the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  It is our own complicit behavior that has been keeping us in the very circumstances that are no longer fulfilling because we have outgrown them. Ironically, we have to be here now with what is, in particular with what is within us that is so very uncomfortable because it has outgrown the life we have been living.  The life that was good, that felt like it was leading somewhere.  And it was: To the moment you need to gracefully let it go as you evolve. 

Our life experiences, our becoming, is an ever-evolving kaleidoscopic pattern, each form beautiful yet always transforming, intricately connected to the previous form even as we alchemically reform and are reborn as we move throughout our life’s journey.  

Remember, love, and desire, are not logical, it is embodied. And that embodiment is a powerful force. 



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