Astrological Services

All forms of astrological readings include prep time of about an hour prior to our meeting which is included in the fee.

My schedule tends to fill up ten days to two weeks in advance, at times even further out. Think of it this way, you make a reservation at any great restaurant or even your hairdresser in advance because you know that they will be booked out because they are good at what they do and have a proven track record. The same is true of my services. I do keep a cancellation list for people who hope to get in earlier, people are notified in order of their placement on my list.

If you are visiting Sedona and wish to see me in person I suggest that you book in advance. I primarily work over zoom but if you live in the area or are visiting in person I am happy to do an in person session.

All sessions are recorded and a downloadable file is emailed to you shortly after the session so you can re-listen at your convenience and don't have to worry about taking notes

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