Workshops/Groups /Public Speaking

Mindy offers various workshops and talks on developing creatively and the practice of active imaginative,  listening to and developing a profound relationship with your inner voice.  She views her work as a tapestry using her experiences of over thirty years facilitating creativity workshops, navigating the astrological chart with client, and in the theatre which she believes is a microcosm for our experience in life.  Classes/groups are experiential creating an embodied sense for participants so they can more fully integrate the practice of discovery into their everyday lives. She views her work as a sort of alchemical midwifery. 

​Alchemical Compass Groups/Workshops

​Classes and workshops offered are always evolving.  Mindy also designs unique workshops for groups as well as one-on-one experiences to focus on specific needs.

"It’s been more than just a class, it’s a journey into our own inner landscape. Truly transformational! I continue to be surprised and delighted by Mindy’s teachings. Her vast knowledge on these subjects and the container she creates for it have made it possible for me to discover parts of myself I had no idea were so deeply buried. Through this I have been able to shift,  create and go deeper into the unknown while learning more about myself and sometimes where I have been standing in my own way." - Sophie Solomon, Toronto Canada